Felt brooch

To make a fashion accessory you will need: • pieces of felt (purple, blue, blue, pink); • • floss threads (purple and blue-violet); • • glue; • • pen; • scissors; • needle; • beads of white color; • pin; • stencil. Sequence of execution.
from felt
1. With the help of a stencil or by hand draw blanks: two in the form of a purple flower, 6 in the form of pink petals, 6 oval blanks, 3 circles of different diameters. Scissors cut out the drawn figures.
cut out of felt
2. On one blank in the form of a flower, round billets of different diameters are placed in the center: a large blue down, then a medium purple, a small blue up. In the middle of the upper blue circle, sew beads with a thread of blue-violet. The needle penetrates all layers of felt. An obmetochny seam around the blue and violet circle is made with the same thread. Petals of pink color are first glued,and then sew a decorative seam with threads of violet color. Stitches mimic the pattern of leaves. The petals are decorated with beads.
 Brooch made of felt
On the finished petals impose oval blanks of purple color and sew together with beads. 4. Between the petals of pink make stitches forward with a needle with blue-violet threads and bead.
 Felt brooch
5. To the second workpiece in the form of a flower, sew a pin with purple threads.  sew a pin
6. They take two blanks in the form of a flower and connect them with a seam “forward needle” with purple threads.
7. A brooch made of felt is ready.
 sew a pin
 Felt brooch Felt brooch is worn as a fashion accessory on clothes, bag .

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