Is a woman an appendage of a man?

We like to talk about the vulnerable position of a woman, which is based on her gender role. But those who really understand the question, know that it is not in the original properties of a person, but in how he was programmed. Since the time of the King of Peas, girls and boys have been taught to be appendages of each other. But if the latter were programmed to be independent, rational, and hardworking, the former were directly and indirectly taught to supplement men with their emotionality and ability to arrange life.

It is considered normal that a woman does not have a favorite work, but if she confesses that she does not know how to wipe dust or cook borsch, the opponent almost always feels perplexed. She is not expected to achieve anything, she is expected to take care of her husband and children.

This programming is finally fixed by the dogma “a full-fledged woman should at least have a couple, and it is better to be married”. It was quite obvious: most women feel inferior if there are no creatures in their pants

On this basis, the "emotional" part of humanity demonstrates two main problematic tendencies: it grabs the first caught shit, and then clings to it, unable to get out of the traumatic relationships.

And if you look at the problem a little deeper, you can say that women themselves make the peasant shit, because in their behavior an inferior position is read in advance, which stimulates the chosen one to make a sacrifice for his soul mate. The shrewd reader will see here the main negative feature of any program embedded in the psyche, which consists in the following: the pattern prevents to act in the conditions of a changing situation. He makes us victims of other people and circumstances. So, it creates tension, internal contradiction and looped action.

As for female roles, the feeling of being an appendage induces you to play the role of being code-dependent. Despite the fact that this role is considered to be socially approved, and many women are proud of it, it is only a relic of the primitive communal system.

Is a woman an appendage of a man?

Is a woman an appendage of a man?

Socially dependent woman offers two types of goods - care and appearance. Those who have long legs and large breasts, actively exploit their natural data, becoming kept women.They sell their appearance in the framework of the same sex-role program that is grafted by mothers and grandmothers.

From the woman does not require the presence of the brain, but only the beauty and ability to serve the one who brings money. The concubine of any level is primarily a woman with emptiness instead of self-esteem

The real energy in her life is present only until she finds a man who is able to pay her expenses.

Those who, by virtue of their anatomical features, cannot become keepers, bribe men with their sacrifice. The essence of this behavior - the denial of self-worth, coupled with increased responsibility and control. This is learned from mothers who left themselves on the altar of the family. They would also like to pump up their lips and fly with daddies for cocktails in Monaco. But since their own goods are not liquid, you have to copy your mother, who considered herself a part of their father's success. "Let him never be at home, but he got a doctorate by the age of fifty," my mother said proudly, wiping her wet hands on the greasy apron. When they say "I love you," it means "I want to save you and sacrifice myself."They balance between ignoring themselves and resentment, as they first give themselves to a man, and then see that they have not appreciated their victim, and are mortally offended. But for years to forty it passes - they are apprehended by terrible, but unknown to physicians disease "a borsch of a brain".

If we ignore gender roles and energies, then the union of a man and a woman can be represented as an attempt of two individual creatures to build a community. The success of such a construction is a question that always remains open. Indeed, in the process of this attempt they realize more and more deep qualities and desires that the other is not obliged to correspond to. This is an attempt to be near without clinging and fear of loss.

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