Figurative sound

PMC Wafer2RMS Wafer2 - Shaped sound.

It has been 22 years since FWO Bauch, Ltd. recording studio employees. and the Air Force Adrian Loader and Peter Thomas decided to design professional monitors that outperformed the sound quality of existing models on the market, thereby beginning the history of the company RMS, which stands for Professional Monitor Company. The British acoustic studio to this day specializes mainly in products for professional use, and among its clientele there are such famous names as Air Force, Dolby Laboratories, DTS Europe, Lucasfilm, Universal Music Studios, Metropolis, NFL films and Paramount Mastering.


And the heroes of this test, the PMC Wafer2 speakers, chose not only the BBC, but also the London music store Rough Trade East and the famous Viennese restaurant Lobsterdock to equip their studios. Strictly speaking, the division into professional models and acoustics for home use is very conditional here. All the invaluable experience gained by the PMC company in the process of working on professional monitors was later used in the design of home speakers. Those PMC Wafer2 with the grills removed even look like studio ones,but it’s worth to get acquainted with the contents of five graphic libraries, which have several dozens of plots, or a palette of 18 color solutions offered for decorative decoration of grills, as everything falls into place. In addition, it is possible to place on the grill any image provided by the customer.

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