Folk remedies for bruises. How to treat a wound, bruise

Folk remedies for bruises. photo, picture. How to heal a wound, bruise a house,Folk remedies for bruises.

Folk remedies for bruises



1Apply to the sore spot fresh sheets of white cabbage.


2Attach a slurry of cooked and mashed beans to the injury site.


3In case of severe injury, rub the sore spot with infusion of wild rosemary or decoction (for 1 cup of water 10g of flowers. Boil for 15 minutes on low heat, strain).



How to treat a cut, wound



  1. For the treatment of wounds, use the juice of plantain.
  2. Apply to the sore spot the top (yellow) film of pine bark.
  3. For healing, ointment from fresh leaves of St. John's wort helps well: take half-tale of St. John's Wort and sage, rub with fresh pork lard (interior) and squeeze through gauze. Store in a corked jar.
  4. Cut a piece of aloe leaf and slit one of the halves to the wound. After 5-6 hours, the wound will begin to tighten.
  5. Apply a dressing dipped in fresh onion juice.
  6. Apply crushed bark of young branches or crushed viburnum berries to bleeding wounds.
  7. An excellent disinfectant and blood-purifying agent is wormwood juice.
  8. In ancient Rus, bandages were moistened with a decoction or infusion of flowers and rosehips and applied to the wound to heal. 


Folk remedies for bruises



  1. Take hot baths 2 times a day. If your leg is injured, take a sitz bath. Or fill half the bath with hot water.
  2. If the arm is damaged, you can use a large pelvis for warming up by dissolving 400 g of salt in it. For half a large bath dissolve 1.2 kg. The solution must be very concentrated, otherwise it will not help.
  3. The bath lasts 40 minutes.

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