For the development of children


Flower pot with automatic irrigation

Flowerpot with automatic watering

In the summer, many people, on a good, sunny weekend, go to their summer cottages or just to rest in nature. It happens that for the whole weekend, overnight. Many probably have indoor plants that need watering every day. Like for example
How to sew a developing cube for a baby

How to sew a developing cube for a baby

Developing toys for children have long become fashionable. Some are quite capable of my mother to do on their own. We bring to your attention a developing cube that will surely interest a child aged 1 to 3 years. Yes, sewing will have to
Gymnastic Swedish wall of polypropylene pipes

Gymnastic Swedish wall of polypropylene pipes

Gymnastic wall made with their own hands at a cost of about 10 times cheaper than the purchase. Although from the purchase is not much different. You do not need to be a great expert in soldering pipes to assemble it from polypropylene pipes. This
How to Crochet Comfort for a Newborn

How to crochet a comforter for a newborn

The idea of ​​Comforter first appeared in England. Newborns are well aware of the smell of mothers, and quickly calm down if they feel it. This toy napkin is placed nearby while feeding the baby, and it retains this smell. When mom is not around, but a toy
How to make a cobra in origami technique

How to make a cobra in origami technique

One of the big venomous snakes is the royal cobra. If there is a danger, then it raises part of the body and you can see a swelling hood in the neck. In this case, the snake hisses and makes terrible attacks towards the enemy. But a cobra made from
How to make a child's card for a child?

How to make a child's card for a child?

Many of us love to make unusual surprises for our children. Such a surprise can be a nice card, which depicts the sun, a tree of happiness and a real wonderful garden. Consider today in this article the easiest way to manufacture
A soft doll's house-book

Soft doll house-book

The house-book of cloth will become a favorite toy of a young girl. This toy is produced not in one day, so patience and boundless imagination become an important aspect of quality work. The main materials without which no
Mobility from felt

Felt Mobile

The original floral mobile will decorate any interior, but especially it will look good in the children's room, in the kitchen or at the dacha.Rescue such a mobile and with the arrangement of the kindergarten group in the spring or summer period. For the manufacture of mobile
Felt toy cheese

Felt Toy Cheese

Toys made of felt are considered the safest for children, and if they are sewn by mother’s hands, they are also the most beloved ones. As a material, felt looks great in products, it is easy to sew from it, it does not need processing, and the color palette in which it is
We sew a developing napkin for the baby

We sew a developing napkin for a baby

For the manufacture of textiles developing napkins for the baby should be prepared such materials and tools as: 1. Old jeans as a base material; 2. Any fabric for lining; 3. Cotton of two kinds, with printed pictures on the marine
How to make a baby massager for the back

How to make a baby back massager

The task of parents and educators is not only to develop the child, but also to strengthen his health. The use of various simulators allows you to strengthen the tone, improve blood circulation. Why buy expensive equipment in a store, because
Baby Mobile to Bed
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Baby Mobility Crib

] To date, a lot of crafts, various toys can be seen from felt. Today I will tell you how to make your own mobile on the bed. For such crafts we need to cut a ring of plywood with a diameter of about 40 centimeters,
Textile developing book

Textile Development Book

One of the popular themes used to create developing textile books are Russian folk tales. Simple, clear, kind, they are easily remembered by children, becoming the most beloved fairy tales. Before you begin, you need to
Sewing developing textile mat for girls

We sew developing girl’s textile mat

In order to sew a textile mat for a little girl, you will need a small section of cotton fabric, a low density synthetic winterizer, multi-colored felt of varying degrees of rigidity, plastic transparent shells and packaging (this is
Developing a rug for the baby

Developing baby mat

Developing a textile rug is a very useful thing that will be used in any family where there is a small child. Playing with numerous and various elements of such a toy, the kid develops fine motor skills, and with it the speech,
Soft Book
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Soft Book

Sew a soft developing book from a tissue under the power of any mom. To create it requires minimal sewing skills, patience and time.The pleasure of the process is guaranteed - mother, while she creates, and the baby when he plays.

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