For the first time in a movie with a child: 5 tips for everything to go smoothly.

What to do to hike to cartoons does not turn into a disaster.

Not just a big, but a very large screen - the first trip to the cinema can cause a real delight in a child. And maybe turn into a living hell for you and for the neighbors in the cinema. But we are for the first option. Therefore, we figured out how to prepare for such a responsible event.

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1. Better later

The burning question is how old it is to lead a child to the cinema for the first time. It’s worthwhile to focus, firstly, on the degree of restlessness of your offspring. After all, some children in two years are able to sit quietly on mum's knees for an hour and a half that a cartoon is going on. And some of them will not spend two minutes in five years. Secondly, child psychologists believe that there is no need to hurry here.

- At home, the child can watch TV, and at the same time walk freely around the apartment: go for a drink, sit on the pot, take a break for some kind of game.In the hall he will have to sit in one place, but for a three-year-old, for example, it is difficult, - explains the child psychologist Marina Bulygina.

In addition, the specialist advises to abandon the format of 3D - visual effects can scare the child.

- It is better to watch cartoons in the usual format and allow the children's imagination to finish drawing what is happening on its own, - Marina Bulygina is sure.

Ophthalmologists also agree with psychologists - at an early age a child should not look at the screen continuously for more than 15 minutes. And otolaryngologists warn against harsh noise, because the eardrum in babies is not yet fully formed and very sensitive.

And together, experts call the best age for the debut appearance - five years.

2. Theory of the cartoon

Before you go to the cinema, introduce the child to him in absentia. Tell us about where you will go - describe this interesting and mysterious place with soft chairs, a large screen and many boys and girls who will watch a movie with you. Try to agree on how to behave in the hall - speak in a whisper, try not to interfere with others and not get up until the session ends.

To be sure that you were not mistaken in the choice of cartoon, show the baby a trailer. So you will understand exactly what will interest him on the screen or not.

And be sure to look at the age limits - the younger the child, the simpler the plot line should be. For three-year-olds, it's better to choose cartoons, where the acting characters are cute and funny animals, not witches or exotic monsters. Otherwise, it is possible that you will have to chase monsters from the nursery or jump up at night, because the dreary has nightmares.

3. Play the movie

Surprises - this is the last thing you need when you first go to the movies. Therefore, warn the child that the cinema will turn off the light and become dark, and the sound will be loud. Very loud.

And even better - to stage the upcoming events and play in the cinema. Close the curtains, turn off the lights and turn on the TV louder than usual. Perhaps your child will cheerfully accept the game, but there are children who are afraid of the dark and loud sounds. In this case, it will even be useful for them to meet their fears in such a safe environment and overcome them. The most important thing is that the baby should feel at this moment that he is not alone, but with his mother, who loves and supports him.

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4. On day X

So you came to the cinema. And here it is important to remember the prose of life.First, take the child to the toilet before starting a session. Secondly, buy popcorn and water. If the child gets tired of watching, he will be able to switch to food.

During the cartoon, you can comment on what is happening on the screen from time to time, explain the behavior of the characters: “Look, what a giant, he is so angry, because he is sad, because no one wants to be friends with him.”

The child is not always able to quickly capture the connections between events and therefore loses interest. Support his attention: “Look, see what will happen now!”

If you understand that a collision will soon occur on the screen or a frightening character will appear (it’s easy to navigate the plot, if you listen to music - it becomes louder and more disturbing), warn your child: “Now it will be a little scary” and take your hand.

5. And if force majeure?

There is always a chance that the baby will cry during the session. In this case, hug him, sit on your lap - let him feel that you are there. If he does not calm down, it is better to leave the hall. Parents should be prepared for the fact that the child does not want to come back and look at the cartoon.This situation should not be taken seriously, because it is just an experience. It is possible that your next trip to the cinema will be more successful.

Yet most children like to watch cartoons on the big screen. For them, it's fun. For you - a useful thing.

“A joint trip to the cinema is a reason to talk with your child,” says the psychologist. - It will be very good if after the session you discuss the impressions you received with the baby.

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