Friendly Giant Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats immediately stand out among their relatives. These strong, beautiful and graceful animals of large sizes with a friendly character occupy the third place in the rating list of the most popular cats.
Maine Coon cat breed
Maine Coon cats have a friendly character.
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External signs of the Maine Coon cat breed

The origin of these animals is unknown. There are many guesses, but none of them is reliable. The Maine Coon cat breed was first introduced to the public in 1861.

The external description of Maine Coon cats is as follows:

  • elongated head with a massive skull and high cheekbones;
  • large triangular ears with small tassels at the ends;
  • widely spaced oval eyes;
  • large muscular body;
  • strong paws with tufts of hair between fingers;
  • fluffy and long tail;
  • thick coat.

Color can be any. Adult cats weigh from 9 to 15 kg. Average life expectancy is 15-20 years.

Maine Coon Cat Character

The imposing look of a cat does not at all match its character. The Maine Coons are kindly goodwill who are friends with people and animals. They are always ready to help. These cats love the height, so the owner must arrange such a place for them. The design for climbing an animal must be stable and functional.

Young Maine Coons love to play. It is interesting to watch their games, as the large size of the cats makes their fussing very humorous. Adult animals are rather lazy, they prefer to observe everyone and learn the habits of those around them. The Maine Coon cat is raised and behaves with dignity: she will never climb on the table to steal food and will not beg.

Animals of this breed peculiar meow. The melodious sounds they make are like a human conversation with different intonations, so they become entertaining companions for single people.

Caring for these giants is a snap. Periodically, they need to wipe the ears with a damp cloth. Even long and thick wool does not require special attention: it is enough to comb it every 7 days. Only during the period of molting the owner will have to suffer with the fur of his pet. There are no problems with bathing: the Maine Coons like to wash. The owner must follow the diet.A large muscle mass requires proper nutrition. In the diet include meat, fish and dairy products.

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