From sacking and a piece of fabric you will have a stylish accessory

The fashion house "Dior" once presented to the world a handbag decorated with sacking. It is curious that absolutely any woman can repeat such a stylish accessory, without spending almost anything on it. The photo below in the upper right corner shows a photo of a handbag from Dior, and in the center is what you get if you follow the workshop below.

For work you will need:

  • sackcloth;
  • handles for bags (can be found in handicraft stores);
  • an unnecessary or written diary (notebook);
  • scissors;
  • needle, thread, pins;
  • cardboard;
  • PVA glue and glue gun;
  • stationery knife;
  • marker.

Getting started:

1. Using a clerical knife, separate the “soft” part of the notebook.

2. Cut a strip of cardboard, attach it with a glue to the spine, thereby making it more durable. We put the cover on the cloth.

3. From the burlap we cut a rectangle identical in size to the cover of the notebook,but we add 7 mm seam allowances on the sides. From lining fabric we cut out two parts with a hard cover and get a kind of bag for it.

4. Sew the bag, leave one side without a seam. All corners need to be cut diagonally so that the lining does not get out of the bag.

5. Wrench bag, put inside the cover.

6. Bend non-stitched edges of the fabric and fix with pins.

7. We sew the lining by hand with a hidden seam.

8. For the rings on the handles we hook on the pieces of fabric and fix.

9. Place the elements together, glue the gun.

10. Additionally sew.

11. It remains to arrange burlap to decorate her bag. Fix with pins, stitch.

12. We try on, if we wish, we add decor: for example, pieces of burlap with an inscription or simple ones.

13. Sew the shreds between each other and with the main burlap.

14. Optionally, you can make embroidery on the bag.

15. And dissolve the fabric at the edges to make a fringe.

16. We put burlap on the bag, fasten it with a gun.

17. Top stitch, for greater fixation.

The original bag of burlap is ready!

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