Fun flower pots for the whole family

Kazakh Design StudioGoodcreated a series of extraordinaryflower pots FacePotconnecting a ceramic form and a photo of a human face with different emotions. The idea is interesting to implement for a large family or in the office, then everyone will have a personalized flower pot and everyone will personally take care of their hairdo! On the home window sill, photographs of family members will be perfectly combined with different sizes of pots, according to the relative age of each.

To achieve this effect, the studio produces double pots. The inner layer is made of light ceramic or plastic, and the outer one is made of glass or transparent plastic. All you need to do is print a special image on a color printer, insert the photo you want into the template and insert it between two layers of a flowerpot. From above, the space is covered with a rubber spacer so that the water when watering the plants does not fall between the layers and does not spoil the photo.

As a result of simple actionsoriginal potsfor plants, from which the faces of friends, relatives and your own look to the world. This is a great gift idea for friends, colleagues and loved ones.

The plant itself in Facepot looks like a man's hair depicted on a pot. It will be possible to change the hairstyle from time to time, if the plant allows. You can also choose the type of plants for each family member, depending on the hairstyle and character.

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