Fur Parka is the trendy thing of this season.

In the cold season you can and should stay stylish. The park with fur has become a true trend of the last few seasons: it is not only fashionable, but also comfortable and warm. Learn how to choose and wear it.

Fashionable park with fur: features

The park is a textile jacket, which has a practically straight cut and is complemented by a waist waistline, which allows you to adjust the fit. Obligatory attribute is the hood, and on the hem of most modern models there is a lace.

The park originally belonged to the military style, but now it has become an integral part of the free casual direction. Simple models that appeared first and became popular among young people gradually transformed and acquired new details. The fur has become a bright and stylish addition. And today, fur parks are a huge success among the fair sex.

Parks are preferred by teenagers and young girls, and this is logical, because the thing is ideal for creating fashionable images, designed in a free style.But such outerwear can quite become addition of the sports direction. At the same time, modern stylists advise not to be afraid of experiments and play in contrasts, combining simple and somewhat rough parks with romantic and feminine pieces of clothing, including dresses and skirts.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a trendy parka with fur? When buying such a stylish thing, pay attention to several important points:

  1. Fur. It can be natural, which will automatically increase the cost of parks. For tailoring such outerwear are used fox, fox, rabbit, mink, silver fox sable. These are the classic and most popular options associated with wealth and luxury. And to make the park stand out from the crowd, you should choose more rare and original types of fur, for example, lynx or llama. Sheepskin has a short nap, but very warm, so it is ideal for active people. A more democratic and equally popular option is faux fur. Pay attention to its quality: if it is at the height, then the material will not be easy to distinguish from the natural.
  2. Length. The classic option is to park to the middle of the thigh or to the palm above the knees: it does not restrain movement and at the same time closes everything that needs to be closed from the cold and wind.In addition, this length is universal and suitable for girls with any build and height. The long parka looks somewhat extravagant, and only tall slim women can afford it. A short jacket is a stylish youth version. But in winter with such outerwear it is desirable to wear warm pants.
  3. Features fur trim. The most common option is a fur lining that covers the entire wrong side (sometimes with the exception of the sleeves). But the finish may be present on certain parts, for example, on the hem, the edge of the hood, sides, sleeves. It is very convenient if the fur comes unfastened and turns the park from a warmed winter into a lightweight demi-season.
  4. Colour. Classic are considered shades that fit military style: sand, khaki, swamp, pale green, pale mustard, brown, dark blue, black, beige. They are discreet and inconspicuous, but not everyone likes. If you prefer brightness in clothes, pay attention to the actual saturated or delicate tones: yellow, red, coral, burgundy, pink, emerald, purple, bright blue, lime.Particularly interesting and stylish look models with bright fur: and the more it will contrast with the main tone, the more fashionable the image will be. Fur trim is often performed in bright pink, blue, yellow, white.

How to wear it correctly?

What is fashionable to wear a park with fur? We offer some of the most successful options:

  • Jeans, with various models: skinny “skinny”, free stylish “boyfriends”, classic straight. In addition, wear a youth monochromatic or print-decorated sweatshirt or long sleeve.
  • Knit narrowed cropped trousers. They are in harmony with simple blouses, fitted or loose elongated shirts, restrained sweaters.
  • Dresses The choice depends on the time of the year and, of course, on the mood. In winter, it can be a knit sweater dress; in the fall, you can wear a noodle-type model or a fitted knit dress. And in the spring, when you want romance and tenderness, pick up feminine fitted dress-shirts, light straight or flared from the waist options, as well as simple "cases" without frills.
  • Dilute the free style and bring a share of femininity to the skirt: a simple straight, romantic flared "sun" or a sexy pencil model.
  • You can afford a thick insulated leggings, which have again become popular and fully replace pants and jeans. And it is also convenient and practical.
  • In warm weather, you can wear denim shorts, not forgetting to complement them with tights: preferably thick and dark or thin in skin tone.

We select the right shoes

When choosing a park, it is worthwhile to prefer simple shoes on a flat run, for example, boots without heels on laces or a lock, “timberlands”, boots with wide tops. In the demi-season, you can choose sports models, for example, "snickers", sneakers, sneakers. And in order to bring a bit of femininity into the image, supplement it with ankle boots, but preferably on a flat sole, a stable heel or wedge. Appropriate massiveness will give the platform.

We complement the park with accessories

The park can be supplemented with youth accessories: three-dimensional knitted scarves or snobs, stylish hats (for example, "binie" models), leather backpacks or voluminous shopping bags. You can also emphasize the waist and make a set of zest, picking a thin black or bright contrast strap.

Pick up a park and create stylish images with its help!

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