Gel varnishes: what are?


The fashion industry is constantly moving forward, improving. And all in order to meet the endless demands of fashionistas. Wishes of the last days - gel varnish.

Consider the gel polishes in more detail: what are the how many hold on the nails, and which are better? Qualitative representatives successfully combine the best properties of previous generations. Because of this, they gained popularity among a large number of girls.

The demand is explained by the fact that gel-lacquer is used in home realities. With it, each girl can maintain her own manicure in perfect form, spending a minimum of time and money.

According to the rules, a manicure lasts at least 21 days, but in practice this period is reduced by 8 times. The tool exfoliates already for 2-4 days. The reasons for this are many and the most important is the low quality of the product.

To avoid negative experience, it is necessary to know what are the gel-varnishes and by what criteria to choose them.

Criterias of choice

Professionals in the field of nail care, customers and lovers who understand the technique of coating gel-varnish themselves, appreciate it for the same criteria.So, you know what gel-lacquers are and what parameters the best ones have.

Long-term preservation of the surface in a qualitative state.In this case, it retains the original shine, has no chips, cracks and erasure along the edge of the nail plate. The instruction, which is attached to the product, must ensure the resistance to 3 weeks.

Convenient application.This parameter refers to professional requirements. But it is necessary for amateur use. With a quality tool to act faster and easier. This parameter is met if there are:

the correct consistency - the varnish covers easily, no leakage occurs, the layer is dense;
a comfortable brush - wide and fluffy, so that the smears turned out accurate.
safe composition that does not affect the state of the nail plate for the worse.

Quick removal. It takes up to 15 minutes to remove gel polish. For removal, standard compositions are required for this procedure.

Extensive and in-demand colors and a high level of pigmentation of the hue.It should not shine through.

Gel varnishes: what are?

Tolerant to smell.If your chosen product meets these parameters, the bottle has sufficient volume and affordable cost - you have the perfect tool.

Gel polish coating methods

Coatings with gel create for different technologies. To date, there are two technologies that differ in the time of application and the use of different amounts of funds:

single-phase method;
method of three phases.

In the second version, three products are used, which consist of various components and have an individual consistency.

Basis - necessary for durable bonding of the dye with the nail plate.
Pigment dye - necessary to create a decorative layer.
Top - creates shine and protects from aggressive stimuli from the outside.

Single-phase gel polish carries the quality of all the above products at the same time. When you apply a coating, you use only one substance, not three. In this case, the number of layers depends only on the desired shade. The more layers, the deeper the shade. Knowing what gel polishes are, you choose the best.

If you are a novice lover, it's easier to use a single-phase product.

Only it is necessary to understand that the life of a manicure is shorter. Three-phase compositions are created for professionals with experience. The result looks more beautiful and lasts longer.It is worth noting that the possibilities for creating design are expanding.

What funds are needed yet?

Knowing what gel-varnishes are, you can easily pick up the rest of the tools and accessories.

Manicure set.

Use the tools you use for standard nail plate care. You can use electrical devices that are necessary for the hardware treatment of the skin surface and nail plate.

There are tools on the basis of oils. They are intended for the European or edged manicure. They are not suitable for coating gel polishes, as they cause exfoliation of the edge coating.

LED or UV lamp.

Power exceeds 36 watts. The lamp is required for the polymerization of the gel component of the substance.

Gel varnishes: what are?

Antiseptic to disinfect the instrument and hands.

Thanks to the use of disinfectant solutions, the nail plate remains in a healthy state, and inadvertently cracks or wounds healed quickly.

Nail files with abrasive sides for native nails.

With their help, the edge of the plate is formed.

Still needed:

Solutions for removing the glossy layer from the surface layer of nail platinum.
The degreasing solution for the preparation of nails. The alternative is the use of alcohol.
Priming agent. Thanks to him, the coating for a long time remains in its original form.
Basic and finishing agent (used in the three-phase method).
To create drawings, images, application of rhinestones or stickers, use a special solution. At home, as a counterpart, use medical alcohol.
Nail polish remover. You can use acetone.

For quick removal, use products that are recommended by the manufacturers of the selected gel polish.

Remove the product with cotton pads, foil and orange sticks.

Special oil.

They are rubbed with cuticles to prevent and eliminate irritation, dryness around the nail plate.

Buy these tools and tools - not cheap pleasure. Alternatively, choose cheaper gel polishes and replace some of the tools with affordable and cheap ones. Find out what quality has a finished coating, you can only empirically.

Which manufacturer to choose?

The leading position among the gel polishes confidently occupy American brands, representatives: Kodi, Gelish and many others.The palm is given to the company CND, whose creation Shellac has become so popular that the name of a separate line has become a household name for a family of gel polishes that are manufactured under other brands.

Gel varnishes: what are?

The difference of this brand:

use of innovative formulas;
harmlessness of substance;
shades corresponding to fashion trends.

All these advantages can be purchased for a rather big price, so many people prefer to buy cheap analogues. So an excellent analogue - the products of European brands: OPI, Masura.

The next stage of the popular table is occupied by the Russian representatives of the brands Aurelia, Runail. They only create a market for gel varnishes, but the reviews are positive. Product quality, sustainability, a wide color palette quite “get along” with an affordable price.

Not less known (if not more) varnishes from the Middle Kingdom. At girls on hearing brands: Canni, Bluesky. They are difficult to apply and have a sharp smell, but the result is consistent with overseas colleagues.

Democratic cost hides the existing shortcomings and makes them available for use in budget salons and for home use.

Overview and reviews of gel varnishes

A popular scoring varnish among professionals and clients is SHELLAC CND. The average bar for a volume of 7.3 ml varies within 1000 rubles. He is loved for durability, a wide color palette and convenient application.

Representatives of this family are equipped with a flat brush and an optimal consistency of the composition. The technology of removal is considered to be gentle. Why does this product have a lot of competitors? Because of the minus: it is not suitable for application to thin nails. Yes, and the cost does not allow much to spread.

Gel varnishes: what are?


top quality;
convenient and easy application;
when using the original remover acquires the consistency of the powder, so the nail plate is not injured.


high cost with small volumes;
not suitable for thin nails.

Standard reviews of Shellac indicate that the product is good, but not suitable for home use due to the high price. In the process of homework, it tends to break, not having lasted 2 weeks. Professionals speak positively about gel varnish, marking the actual color palette and convenience in applying.

Russian LAQUE RUNAIL is popular with owners of thin nails.A bottle of 12 ml can be purchased in the range of 230-260 rubles. It is unpretentious for capricious marigolds. It is actively used in the salon and at home. When worn, it does not peel off or crack.

Included components improve the condition of thin nail plates, preventing their foliation.

A distinctive feature - a thick consistency and richness of hue. Production is presented by 2 kinds:

three phase;
single phase

The three-phase product is presented in a color palette consisting of 76 tones. Polymerization requires a UV lamp. The single-phase representative One in a color palette contains up to 40 tones. It is polymerized using LED and UV-lamps. Wearing period reaches 21 days.


affordable price with good volume;
saturated pigment;
high degree of sustainability.


removed only with full cutting of the top;
narrow color palette.

Standard reviews: gel lacquer of the Russian brand is produced in the current color palette, which is constantly updated. When applied, it does not flow, and during socks - the condition of the nails remains good.

BLUESKY, the most beloved Chinese gel polish, has good characteristics.The capacity of 10 ml will cost 230-250 rubles. The popularity is confirmed by the fact: it is actively used not only at home, but also in showrooms.

Gel varnishes: what are?

It is not convenient to work with him, but in terms of cost and socks, he is not inferior to American and European counterparts. To work, you must have a UV lamp with a capacity of 36 watts. It takes 60 seconds to polymerize each layer. Having accumulated experience, you can save and get excellent results.


affordable cost.


not many shades;
liquid consistency, which makes it difficult to apply;
hard to remove;
100% quality is not guaranteed.

Average reviews indicate that Blyuskay is quite capable of replacing the well-known Shellac.

It is only necessary to adapt and gain experience in applying. The result is comparable to the result after using Shellac. Moreover, it was noted that the Chinese representative lasts longer than its European and American counterparts.

What else do you need to know when choosing?

Choose the right product - the beginning. It is necessary to apply correctly, so that it lasts a long time.

Make a classic manicure.After all procedures, gloss and dust should be carefully removed. Without this process, the varnish will not fall tight, and empty spaces will cause the appearance of detachment.
Applying a dehydrator for degreasing the surface.
Application of primer to prevent peeling of the coating. Apply should be a thin layer and only around the perimeter of the nail plate.

Gel varnishes: what are?

If we are talking about a 3-phase product, it is the turn to apply the base. Avoid the cuticle and nail cushion areas. Polymerization takes place under the LED or UV device.
Coating color gel polish. Each layer is dried under the lamp.
Drawing a finishing layer. The layer should be slightly thicker than the previous ones. Be sure to seal the edges to prevent air, moisture and dust particles from entering. The final polymerization should be continued under the influence of the UV lamp for 4 minutes, and under the Led lamp - at least 1 minute.
Remove the sticky layer from the dried surface and treat the skin with oil.

Remember that in the first 3 hours you should exclude full contact with water. In the remaining 12 hours, keep “communication” with water to a minimum.

We hope you realized that a long-lasting and high-quality manicure depends on the popularity and high cost of gel varnishes.Still, buy products of well-known companies that have positive reviews of professionals and have proven themselves among buyers.

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