George Cherdantsev: “Where to meet? At the stadium! ”

Georgy Cherdantsev, sports commentator (at the present time - channel “Match TV”), especially for “Antenna” - about girls from all over the world who are in love with football.
Photo: Instagram by George Cherdantsev

- The World Cup gives us the opportunity to look not only at the beautiful goals, but also at the beautiful fans. Pure visually very attractive Slavic fans - Czech, Polka, Russian. Slavic women are always charming and stand out in the stands. And in the mass stand out Latin Americans, especially Brazilian women, in which a lot of blood is mixed. When I was in Brazil at the 2014 World Cup, there was, of course, someone to see. Especially considering the multinational ethnic complex. And even more mixed nationality in the United States, so on average, North American fans are probably the most attractive. They also have a furious mixture of blood, which gives a bright appearance. As for the figures, the Brazilian women are mostly big ladies, here it’s a matter of taste - someone likes the back, and someone likes their front parts.

- Now it has become fashionable to watch football in the stadium, and modern girls go as often as men. One of the reasons is that you can meet someone there. Football has also become safe - in Europe 20 years ago, in Russia - 10 years ago. If earlier for girls, the trip to football was akin to extreme - you could get a club on the head, be trampled by police on horseback or a crowd, but now with the advent of normal stadiums, with comfortable seats and family sectors, this has all turned into a comfortable pastime. In the sense of the drive girls do not differ from boys in any way, quite the contrary. It is they who light up on the dance floor, and the boys support. And here is the opposite: the boys light up, and the girls support them, this is such an alternative to a disco. Guys are instigators, and girls play along with their emotions, for which they do not need to understand football much. Football is a fairly simple game, unlike others with complex rules that you need to go into. And then the girl came to the stadium and after about 30 minutes, she would already clearly understand what was happening on the field and what was the point. The game is simple, accessible and emotional.Therefore, I think it has become a good way to spend time together for young people. And it's great!

The guys, of course, go to the stadium not to get acquainted, but to watch the match. But for a girl, visiting good stadiums that came to us thanks to the World Cup is a great opportunity to show yourself - where else can you see such a diverse male audience! There are ten people at school, a hundred at the university, that is, completely different numbers. If you are not an artist, whom everyone looks at ... In the theater, and in the museum they go to look at works of art, and not to look for a life partner. So there are nightclubs, but this is not for romantic relationships, but at the stadium thousands of people will look at the girl in all its glory, so this is the perfect place to meet your destiny.

- To love football is easy. This is, first of all, excitement. Secondly, this is a command expression of emotions, for example, the opportunity to shout loudly that is encouraged and no one will look at you aside. Thirdly, it is a good way in a relationship to curtsy to her young man, to play along with her second half in that she shares his interests.If a young man is very passionate about football, then it is impossible to ignore it, then it’s better not to start a relationship. And the most important thing is that thanks to the home World Cup, any decent person should at least in general understand the game so as not to look like a black sheep in his class, at the faculty, at work. And after the World Cup, you need to somehow monitor the main events so that in case of anything (and soon the Champions League will begin) to keep the conversation going.

At the world championships, the general atmosphere is very positive, everyone is happy, they do not show any aggressiveness. In addition, they are afraid of Russian law enforcement and behave decently. In Europe, the behavior of fans depends on the country, the match. We are also part of Europe, and we also have their habits of pain, we do not see any serious differences in either the good or the bad side. The fans have a hard principle: those who are not with us are against us. Therefore, now the Brazilians on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow are singing: “Oh, Messi, chao, Messi, chao, Messi, chao”. If you are motivated for someone, you are automatically motivated against another. But there are still derbies - for example, the opposition of Argentina and Brazil, so the Brazilians will never embrace with the Argentines. Both the English and the British will not cuddle with the Argentines, remembering Maradona’s goal with the “hand of God” in 1986.There are some historical things that cause some hostility among fans. So. the French and the British had the Hundred Years War, the century-long confrontation of states. Hence the notion of a derby is not just a match of teams from one city. It has become very wide: they can be called the game of the best teams of the country - “Spartak” and “Zenit”. Brazil and Argentina are also derbies, where there can be no talk of fraternization. But in Kaliningrad, the British with might and main embraced with the Belgians at the last match of the group stage, because they do not have a bad history in the relationship, especially since both teams reached the playoffs.

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- World Cup is a festival of the peoples. Ultras do not come here. There are fans, and there is a wide football audience, about which we are talking now. Everywhere fans get hot. As for the culture of excitement, it comes from England, which has now been joined by Germany, where teams from any division collect full stadiums. This is a very big support. There are different laws in different countries: somewhere you can burn flares, somewhere you don’t, somewhere banners are allowed, somewhere you don’t. In Italy, you can waving flags and at matches, “Roma” is a whole show with a singing and waving 60-thousand crowd.In some countries this is impossible, but there they jump up and make an ovation not even a goal, but a good tackle. The most stupid fans, they say, are Argentines, where it’s just dangerous to be in a local derby. Generally in Latin America you can get a good injury from the riots. They are guys. There, even in the stands do not sit, and stand. And in Africa in the stands sometimes happens some kind of tin.

Girls should not be very immersed in football, it causes some concern if she herself does not play it. But girls can work in the media and by virtue of their profession know a lot, that is another matter. That Spanish journalist Sara Carbonero covered the matches of the national team - and became the bride of one of the best goalkeepers of our time, Iker Casillas, they have two children. And the average girl should know about football only by hearsay. If she, besides Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar, can immediately call the full composition of the national team of Portugal or Brazil, this is not normal.

- The Russians went to the support group for the last World Cup in Brazil. Now it's cool to go to football to the ends of the world, this is adventurism and it is perceived as normal.Only one go so far is still not worth it. The wives and girlfriends of football players come to cheer on them, but football players can only see them at modern stadiums, where they sit close to the pitch and even pass small children into the hands of their fathers. Family theme has become very popular in football. A quarter of a century ago such a dad with a child would be laughed at, it would look so absurd. And now the family joy of football is cultivated. Many stars are photographed with children in their arms, especially after winning matches, like our Artem Dzyuba after leaving the group. This is a new trend: football, not only for men with slack stomachs, but for the whole family. I hope that such a culture will take root in Russia and families will go to the new beautiful, gorgeous stadiums with more pleasure than in the movies. All the more cinema is played every day, and football is more rare.

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