Glamorous paradoxes of clothes in style бохо

Glamorous paradoxes of clothes in style бохоBoho as a style in clothes is a relatively new trend in fashion in the late 60s - early 70s of the last century. It is believed that the origin of this name is associated with the way of life of the Roma who came to France from the territories of the Bohemian region of Czechoslovakia. They were free and independent people who earn a living from creative, artistic activities inherent in free nations.

Later on, in the course of history in France, people of liberal professions (artists, artists, singers, dancers, poets, musicians and fashion designers) were called bohemians. And in the 20th century, nontrivially thinking, constantly developing representatives of the creative intelligentsia became the pioneers of this branch of clothing development in an abbreviated form, called boho. Perhaps, the boho style has arisen due to the inconstancy of earnings and the precarious financial situation of these subjects, who are therefore forced to look for new approaches to self-expression and individualization of the external image of their personality.

Boho clothes

Character traits:

  • freedom and creativity, everything is acceptable except stupidity and vulgarity;
  • mixing styles, a combination of seemingly incompatible, delicate balance of combinations;
  • the use of natural traditional materials of the widest and unpredictable colors, ruche, fringe, drapery, ruffles and lace;
  • abundance of various types of jewelry: voluminous earrings, rings, beads, hoops, pendants and bracelets, as well as accessories: bows, hats, kerchiefs, scarves, capes, shawls, ponchos, bags, gloves and glasses;
  • hippie similarity and ethnodirection, but greater femininity, accuracy and sophistication;
  • long skirts, dresses, sundresses, mainly from lightweight fabrics of multi-layered execution;
  • shoes of simple designs without frills: low heels, platform or wedge.

The main branches of the fashion direction: boho chic, classic, hippie, eco.

Glamorous paradoxes of clothes in style бохо

Main directions

Boho chic (glamor) is the clothing of the day off and holidays from weightless, soaring multi-layer skirts made of chiffon and guipure with floral patterns. The combination of exclusive and branded items with an array of jewelry, emphasizing the sophistication and sophistication of clothes.The constant attribute is ribbons, bows, frills and lace.

The classics are daily clothes made of toe woolen, knitted, jacquard, corduroy fabrics with the possible presence of fringe and handmade lace in the wardrobe items.

Eco - the use of exclusively natural materials, both in terms of fabrics and jewelry. It stands out for its proximity to vintage - “things from grandma's dresser”, ethno and folk tendencies;

Hippies are bright but natural colors. The advantage is given to natural fabrics, up to burlap and the presence of coarsely knitted garments, as well as fringe.

The most complete impression of the boho style and its directions will create the proposed photo.

World fame

Clothing style boho not paid attention to the model and world-famous houses. Demonstrations of such models were successfully performed by Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Mara Hofman, Christoph Lemar, Alberto Feretti and a number of other ateliers. In the future, according to elegant, appropriate to the level of high fashion, patterns of clothing in the style of boho organized her serial tailoring.

Glamorous paradoxes of clothes in style бохо

The indisputable advantage of boho style is its democracy,universal accessibility and the possibility of making really unique clothes, jewelry and accessories with their own hands, embodying personal ideas and fantasies, while attracting the achievements of eminent fashion designers and their friends.

Boho style is not only clothes, but a world view, sometimes even up to the use of objects of the corresponding entourage in everyday life.

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