Gold plated earrings: interesting patterns and rules of care

Earrings are the most seductive feminine jewelry. Swaying in time with the movements of the head, mysteriously gleaming through the strands of hair, attracting glances to the chiseled neck and the smooth line of the shoulder - how much charm and refinement give the female appearance of the earring! But not everyone can afford to buy expensive gold jewelry. In this case, there is only one way out - gold-plated accessories from medical alloy, silver or steel.

Gilding jewelery is not inferior in beauty to precious metal products and does not cause allergies.

Gold plated earrings

Among the jewelry especially popular are gold-plated earrings of interesting design, which are capable of bewitching their brilliance and emphasize the charm of a beautiful lady. Silver is used to make earrings with gold leaf - it is easy to process, gold and encrust with semiprecious corundum.Depending on the stone, earrings made of gilded silver are divided into three types:

  • gold plated earrings with pearls. Mother of pearl and golden color - a classic jewelry. Such jewelry will emphasize the elegance and sophistication of its owner during the festive events;
  • Original gold plated earrings with cubic zirconia inserts for everyday wear and friendly parties. Transparent stones, which resemble diamonds, are easy to process, therefore with their help jewelry of various shapes is created and inlaid;
  • Gold plated earrings with topaz are popular, but are rare.
Gold plated earrings: interesting patterns and rules of care

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Jewelry made of gilded silver with amber, which are not only aesthetically attractive, but also have healing properties, also look original.

How to clean gold plated earrings?

Proper care of the jewelry will keep the brightness and shine of the stones, minimizes the formation of dirt and metal damage. Therefore, for decorations, it is worth regularly taking care of, cleaning them, including gilding.

How to clean gold plated earrings? To begin with, it is necessary to remove accumulated dust and dirt from the surface of the product, clean it with a cloth soaked in alcohol, ammonia or turpentine. In addition, slightly whipped egg white will help to clean the gilded product from dust.

Gilding jewelery cannot be brushed with a stiff metal brush, so as not to scratch a thin layer of gold.

They can only be cleaned with a cotton or soft cloth.

Rules for the care of gold-plated earrings

If you have jewelry made of gilded silver, then you need to know the rules of care for gold-plated earrings:

  • do not take a bath or do cosmetic procedures in jewelry;
  • store gold-plated items separately from other jewelry in the box in order to avoid scratching;
  • clean regularly;
  • Watch for glitter glitter. To return shine to the gilded decoration sweetened with water, or to treat it with a soft brush and a soap-and-liquid solution. After the procedure, rinse the jewelry with water and wipe dry;
  • if the gilded product with proper care and regular cleaning has darkened with time, then it can be refreshed by rubbing onion juice and leaving for a couple of hours. After this manipulation, the earrings should be rinsed and dried.
Gold plated earrings: interesting patterns and rules of care

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The main thing in the care of gold-plated earrings is to avoid mechanical damage and falls. Careful wearing and respect for jewelry will allow them to keep their original appearance for a long time.

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