Golden wedding anniversary 50 years

The couple lived together for 50 years. "Golden wedding" - sounds solemn and proud. Why precisely “golden”? As well as wedding rings, the feelings of the faithful spouses are preserved for many years. Just like the gold of the rings, they did not rust and were not worn out, they were only covered with a light patina of time. Spouses, who have lived together for such a long time, know that going through the life of shoulder to shoulder, everything can be overcome.

50 years, Golden wedding - not every couple is given such a term for family life. If this grand event is destined to take place - all friends and relatives should come together to congratulate the jubilee, grandparents, founders of a large family. Prepare for such an event ahead of time. Spouses who were not married earlier, on this day often decide to hold a wedding ceremony. This is natural, because they no longer need to check their feelings.

Years take their toll, so all the troubles associated with the anniversary, should take the family: children and grandchildren. What should be preparedWhat traditions exist for this holiday? Gold on this day is welcome in all forms: you can sprinkle anniversaries with gold glitters and confetti, in small coins. Children can give their mothers a gold scarf — a shawl embroidered with gold thread. You can repeat the exchange of rings and even perform a symbolic re-marriage ceremony at the registry office.

Rings for this date are buying new ones, and the old ones are solemnly handed over to grandchildren. If a grandson or granddaughter entered into a marriage not so long ago - such a rite will be significant, it will symbolize the wisdom given to young spouses from a wise couple. In this case, golden anniversaries address the newlyweds with parting words.

There is another rite of "transfer" of life experience and wisdom - the distribution of a symbolic pie. It is divided into all guests in a piece. The cake should definitely be eaten completely - it is believed that the future longevity of the joint life of the “golden” couple depends on it. Sometimes only half of the cake is served on the table, as a symbol of the fact that 50 years - the Golden Wedding - only half of the married life of the spouses and still ahead.

Often, the spouse-hero of the day throws the bridal bouquet.All women catch him: for girls, he will bring a quick wedding, and married ladies will have the same happy marriage as the heroes of the day. The evening ends with a symbolic tea party for two. At the table, only husband and wife are jubilees, on which the house and the whole large family are kept.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 50 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).

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