Gorgeous necklace can be made by hand

At all times, the fair sex tried to somehow decorate themselves, they always showed weakness in relation to accessories made of precious or artificial colored stones, various “trinkets” or serious expensive jewelry - all this accompanied the woman year after year, and they are unlikely to ever lose their popularity.

As it turned out, almost every detail that complements the female image is not used for nothing, purely for decorative purposes, everything has its own explanation.

Create beauty with your own hands

Necklaces and necklaces, which have become very popular lately, always adorn the beautiful female breasts, due to their shape, they are able to lengthen the neck line and emphasize the chin line, and even, with a strong desire, hide some small skin imperfections ( scars, large birthmarks), as one English queen did.

Necklace or necklace? It is the same,or do the accessories have any differences? In everyday language, we rarely use these two concepts strictly with their definitions, believing that such things can not differ in any particular way. As it turned out, a necklace is really a necklace, in any case, so the name translates from French, although, over time, it transformed and began to denote something else.

The main difference between a necklace and a necklace is that in the first case the decoration should have an enlarged center part, the necklace is more like a hoop, the insertion of stones or other elements in it should be approximately the same size. We in the further narrative will not particularly focus on their differences, because, in general, the concepts are really very similar.

Interestingly, the necklace has a very ancient history of its existence, after all, such neckerchiefs began to be worn for a very long time, for example, even in the days of Ancient Egypt they served not only as a decorative element of the image, but as a symbol of belonging to a certain genus or stratum of the population.

Large, miniature and elegant, chic and rich, modest and minimalist,with secret magic signs or the most common of cheap glass - necklaces and necklaces passed through the ages, changing and transforming, but without losing their stormy popularity.

In the modern world, unique and beautiful necklaces can not only be purchased from jewelers or bought in stores, the most interesting option is to make them with your own hands, which is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

What are necklaces and what is fashionable today?

The choice of such accessories is really great, modest pendants and thin chains have been out of fashion for a long time, on a horse there are massive necklaces and necklaces that are created according to the motto: the more, the more beautiful.

Materials can be any

In such fashion accessories, anything can be used: beads, heavy pendants and chains, artificial colored rhinestone stones, glass and crystal, leather and textiles. Everything is mixed into the total mass, and at the exit - interesting, unique and really chic neck jewelery.

The latest trend, which holds its position for more than one season, is an actual necklace in the form of a collar, which is superimposed over a blouse or dress, thereby instantly transforming the overall image, adding elegant colors to it.By the way, to make such a mega-popular slip collar is easier than ever, and it is not necessary to run after him to the jewelry store.

How to make a necklace with your own hands?

To make such a simple necklace, you will need large colored stones, which can be purchased at any needlework or clothing decoration store. They exist in different shapes and sizes, we have chosen for your collar the stones in the form of ovals and rectangles, select colors to match them. In addition to the stones you will need:

  • black satin ribbon;
  • the basis for the frame on which the stones will be mounted. You can use plastic, if there is nothing like that, then any material that can hold a shape, such as thick skin, will do.
  • wire for jewelry;
  • glue "Moment";
  • Wire cutting pliers.

We start with a collar pattern on plastic or leather, for this it is enough to attach a round plate to the material and cut it around the edge. Cut out the formed circle from plastic, then cut out the middle in a reduced circumference and make an incision.

The resulting pattern can measure on yourself, look at the length and cut off the excess. Thus, you get a collar in the form of an arc. If you want to get a real collar shape, then you can use ready-made patterns, which are full on the Internet.

You choose the design yourself

On the basis of our future decoration, we begin to glue the stones in a chaotic order, first we form one layer. When the pebbles dry, we begin to glue the second in those places where it is necessary to close the empty distance between the pebbles of the first layer. Gluing the base, it is necessary to ensure the closure of all empty gaps.

We begin to gently and randomly wrap your necklace over the glued stones in order to give it an even more interesting, one might say, fatal look.

By the way, instead of colored stones, you can use anything you want - pearl beads, small rhinestones or metal rivets, you can lay out a whole pattern or some kind of abstraction. The matter is left for small: we attach tapes to the edges of the necklace, which will serve as ties for your collar.

What else can I create?

Versions with a variety of collars, in fact, not the only way to create an interesting and fashionable necklace.Lovers of weaving beads, you can use your skills to create such unique jewelry that you rarely find in a regular sale, because such a necklace is a very painstaking and troublesome work, but the result is worth it.

Bright small beads that fold into intricate patterns, abstractions, figurines and weaves will not leave anyone indifferent.

It is possible to make a necklace with your own hands from almost any available tools, for example, fabrics of bright colors, pieces of leather, interlacing of ribbons and chains, and in order not to have to master some terribly complicated weaving techniques.

For especially creative girls fit necklaces that can be made from seashells, which can be collected on vacation at the seaside. Interestingly, to create fashionable and popular necklaces, you can use old and boring jewelry, which has long been abandoned in dusty cabinets.

All sorts of chains, pendants and even ordinary earrings can be used to repeat fashion design solutions, as usual can be used as a base beads or chains that are sold in stores with sewing accessories.In general, if you really want to, then you will have patience and sensible master classes that will help you in creating your masterpiece.

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