Gossip at the office: how to fight?


It is impossible to imagine a working team without gossip. Employees are divided into groups, they whisper, discuss another victim, share the latest news. On a small scale, such conversations do not harm the company. But, if an envious person appears at work, an amateur to gossip and weave intrigues, the consequences are disastrous. The work capacity of the collective declines, conflicts arise, valuable personnel are lost. And in general, the atmosphere becomes tense, as trust and respect go away. How to deal with gossip in the office to keep the working mood?

What lies behind the concept of gossip?

We are so arranged that we are accustomed to discuss what has happened. We read a new book or watched a movie - gave a rating, faced an unpleasant scene in transport - discussed the behavior of people, quarreled with relatives - shared details with colleagues. The listed examples more fall under the notion of a discussion, because behind this are the vile goals: to tarnish a person, to anger, to deprive a job, bonuses.

Gossip at the office: how to fight?

What lies behind the concept of gossip? Working gossip is divided into the following types:

Talk or banter. This form is found in a friendly team. For a tea party, a group of employees gathers and discusses the actions of one of the employees. At the same time he is nearby, and information is presented in a playful form. Either the team discusses the situation that occurred the day before. Events can be both negative and positive. Discussing an act or situation involves the presence of the person in question. Behind this is not the goal of making fun of an employee, smearing, finding punctures in the work of a colleague.
Gossip.In contrast to the discussion, the format of the conversation is changing. Information is given in secret, in a quiet, confidential manner. The task of the gossiper is to interest the interlocutor and show the negative aspects of the particular person. To attract the attention of colleagues, such an employee invents information or twists. To do this, it is enough to overhear a telephone conversation and turn it over in your own way. Gossip appears for various reasons. A person who spreads false information wants to be in the center of attention, has set a goal to remove a person from his post, is jealous of an employee.

Gossip at the office: how to fight?

Gossip.Similar to gossip and resemble the game "spoiled phone."Someone heard the information, then gave it to another employee, he secretly told a friend, and so on. As a result, the data that reach the head are false and highly distorted. Rumors also occur in teams where employees do not receive enough information from the boss.

Surviving for jobs and interpreting the wrong scraps of the conversation, the staff come up with horror stories about dismissal, salary cuts, staff reductions.

There is no way that at work one villain who spreads rumors and undermines the credibility of employees. At some point, a colleague was supported and praised. He warned the chief about the inattentive attitude towards the work of a new employee and received thanks. He started a conversation in the kitchen, discussing a colleague, and received a response from colleagues. The mechanism starts quickly, stopping the spread of rumors is almost impossible. If you see that subordinates often whisper in the corners, then reconsider the load. So the staff has free time to weave intrigue and discussion of the boss, colleagues.

Where do gossips come from and how can we stop them?

It is believed that women are happy to discuss colleagues.But, if you get into the men's team, you will find out that rumors are spreading in any office. There are differences in the reasons why gossip appears. Women are pushed by curiosity to overhear a conversation between a manager or a successful colleague. From scraps a story is made that is retold to other employees. At the same time, a colleague says that she may have misunderstood what she heard. But, the rumor goes to another employee and loses additional facts. As a result, it comes to you in such a disgusting form that you want to cry for resentment.

Gossip at the office: how to fight?

How to stop gossip?

Swearing and proving the opposite squabble is useless. The gossip will only conclude that it hit the mark. Otherwise, why should you be so boiled. Therefore, do not communicate with such a colleague, keep communications to a minimum. When meeting, do not talk on abstract topics. Even the answer to a harmless question, how are things, the gossip will twist.
Do not share the inmost. Leave information about your personal life, family problems at home. Do not try to tell the gossip that you sympathize with a colleague from the neighboring department. After this, everyone knows the secret, and the rumor will come in an unattractive form.
Do not speak out about employees.In order not to discuss the new one, you have to be an iron man. Hold back and don’t give an answer to the tricky questions: whether the employee likes the way he works, assimilates the information. Get rid of monosyllabic phrases.
Chat frankly. Men in the struggle for a career are ready to expose the opponent to the bandwagon. From here intrigues appear and rumors are spread. If you become a victim of gossip, then talk with a colleague. Men are straightforward, so they will not play up, they will make complaints and offenses. After a frank conversation there is a chance to improve relations and continue working in the office without conflicts.

Gossip at the office: how to fight?

There is another situation. Not being the author of gossip, you picked up the information and told the neighboring department. And it was necessary at this moment were caught red-handed. What to do in this situation. Go to the employee who was discussed and speak in private. Ask for forgiveness, then explain what you did wrong by catching other people's words. Do not make excuses, transferring responsibility to the schemer. After all, you had a choice: do not listen to gossip or pass on. You have chosen the third option, so be responsible for spreading rumors.

How to react to gossip?

It is unpleasant when you become a victim of the schemer. You start to guess what you did wrong, why your colleague is biased. Hurtful whispers colleagues and sidelong glances that throw in your direction. But disorders and insults do not solve the situation. Dismissal will be the best gift for a gossip. If you do not want to deliver such a pleasure to the crooks, then learn how to react to gossip:

Gossip at the office: how to fight?

Do not get excited, taking what's heard to heart. Yes, it is unpleasant to find out that rumors are circulating around the office, moreover, false ones. But, do not rush with your fists at the enemy and threaten with reprisals. If a colleague dismissed the rumors to piss you off, then the goal will be achieved. Better send forces to another area. Clarify the situation where this information came from, why a colleague turned against you. True reasons will help develop a further strategy.
Prepare facts. You need to react to gossip and restore your honest name. Do not waste time justifying, talking with colleagues. Direct energy to search for evidence. Copies of meeting minutes, e-mails, witnesses of the conversation will do.Finding facts depends on the subject of rumors.

Having prepared the truthful information, speak in front of colleagues and invite them to familiarize themselves with the documents. So you will make it clear to the crooks that it is useless to gossip against you.

Accept the rumors. If tales are told at you, in the circle of other employees, then nod your head. Say what is said is true. Just add irony or think up a witty joke. As a rule, petty gossipers invent nonsense. If there are adequate colleagues around you, they will not believe in such nonsense. They will draw the right conclusions, smile at the nonsense they have heard and go to carry out work tasks. Gossip to their liking? Then why waste time and energy on inadequate people.

If you suspect that a colleague is gossiping, watch the behavior. External signs are a friendly smile, friendliness, participation, attentiveness to colleagues. Such an employee is in friendly relations with all colleagues. Called on community service, organizes holidays, collects money. From the side it seems like an irreplaceable employee. Often poisoned in the office of the chief.Behind closed doors removes the mask of a friendly employee and reports to the boss about the mistakes, mistakes of colleagues.

Gossip at the office: how to fight?

How to deal with gossip in the office?

The head of the company sets the atmosphere in the team. If the subordinates are in constant fear, insecure in the future, then rumors are born. Then the invented facts turn into gossip and the employees no longer understand where the truth and fiction are. The team does not work in full force, thinking about the upcoming changes. In order to prevent such a situation, inform subordinates about the company's plans, the upcoming growth or reduction in advance. Talk with the team, recognize their fears, dispel doubts. In large groups, an informal leader is appointed for such a role.

How else to deal with gossip in the office?

Talk to the squabbler. Start a conversation not with accusations, but concerns about a subordinate. Say you know that this employee is spreading rumors. Ask why he does it. If the intriguer stands on his own, claiming that he said the true truth, then thank and say that check the information.
Eliminate the cause. If the gossip frankly told about the troubles, then think about how to help. At the same time, say the thoughts aloud. For example, the employee was offended that he was not taken to the training.Explain that you do not consider the subordinate to be the worst, but a budget has been established or a topic that the squabbler knows very well and can transfer experience himself.
Stop the rumors. Tell the intriguer that it is forbidden to gossip in your office, to discuss other people behind your back, to dismiss false rumors. Suggest next time on controversial issues to approach you, express insults directly. If gossip has spread around the office and has stirred up the staff, then before the end of the working day gather subordinates. Tell us that they conducted their own investigation and found out that the information received is untrue. If necessary, provide the facts.

To gossip does not continue, set corporate rules. Write down the paragraph about the prohibition of the spread of rumors, gossip and slander.

Thank for the signal. In every gossip there is some truth. Rumors do not arise from scratch. They are built as a result of monitoring the personality, listening to a conversation or accidentally seeing scenes. Therefore, carefully check the information. Do not rule out the option that before you is not a gossip, but a person defending the interests of the company.

The most important rule for a manager who fights gossip in an office is his own behavior. Never discuss a person who is not in a meeting. Forbid subordinates to speak badly about colleagues. If someone has expressed the opinion that employee X is to blame for the delay in the project, say that now call him to the office and discuss the problem together.

Gossip at the office: how to fight?

Do not consider gossip as an exceptional evil. Scientists have shown that by discussing other people, self-esteem rises and mood improves. This does not mean that it is necessary to encourage the spread of gossip in the office. But, a friendly discussion of colleagues will not harm the working atmosphere. The main thing is to teach employees not to say bad things for the eyes. Do not be afraid to take responsibility for what is happening in the office.

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