Grapefruit jujube

Desserts based on natural citrus fruits and agar-agar - a good option for making homemade jelly candies. Grapefruit enriches the taste of marmalade, gives it a spicy bitter bitterness and delicate aroma. By the same principle, you can make sweetness with any citrus fruit. You can use tangerines, kumquats, limes or oranges for making delicacies. You can also enrich the taste of a jelly dessert by adding a pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon or a spoon or two of coconut to the preparation. Due to the fact that agar-agar is a part of grapefruit marmalade, marmalade is more useful and natural than a billet with the addition of gelatin. Such sweetness can be given to small children, vegetarians and those who hold fasting. Grapefruit candies are a good way to enjoy spicy sweetness without risking to gain extra kilos.
Grapefruit marmalade
Adjust the amount of granulated sugar in the recipe yourself, depending on your taste.If you are on a diet, replace sugar with any natural sweetener. This will help to enjoy the sweetness without the threat to their hips and waist. It is advisable to buy agar-agar for marmalade in proven markets or natural food shops. Ingredients:
  • - grapefruit juice (200 ml);
  • - water (40 ml);
  • - agar (1.25 tsp.);
  • - sugar (30-40 grams).
Grapefruit marmalade

Cooking marmalade

1. Pour the agar-agar powder into the ceramic bowl, pour cold water. We are waiting for 12-17 minutes. During this time, the algae powder will swell, the mass will become homogeneous.

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