Gucci advertising campaign banned due to “emaciated models”

It would seem that wherever you look, everyone calls for body-positive. However, it only seems so, but in practice ... The UK Advertising Standards Commission has again expanded the blacklist: the Saint Laurent brand thundered for the last time, and this time the Gucci brand. All because of the spring-summer campaign, in which models Avery Blanchard and Madison Stubbington appeared. According to the commission, the girls need to be fattened urgently - they look so haggard, just skin and bones. Verdict: the advertising campaign is “irresponsible” and “subject to prohibition”.

Representatives of the Italian brand Gucci tried to argue that the advertisement is intended for an adult audience, but it did not work out. So have time to watch the campaign video before it is also closed on YouTube. It's a pity the video turned out to be very moody.

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