Hair styling: all about styling products

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Well-groomed healthy hair combined with stylish and fashionable styling is a pride of the girl and woman of any age: a spectacular hairstyle will create an original, festive or everyday image, hide the wrong proportions of the face, expressively allocate the eyes, pay attention to the shortcomings. However, hairstyles, which require almost daily styling, are exposed to serious risks of damage, strands lose their elasticity, elasticity and shine.

For safe and reliable laying, specialized means are required, many of which are presented in the arsenal of manufacturers of hair cosmetics, - each woman will be able to choose a suitable product for everyday styling that does not harm the hair and provides an attractive result.

Every woman who cares about the attractiveness of the hair and styling styling has her own secrets for hair care and favorite styling products

Head spin…

Indeed, the head is spinning from the cosmetic boutiques and online stores of the variety offered in the shop windows. Long-known varnishes for women's hair, various gels, gels, foams and mousses are pushed aside with ultramodern and modern waxes, sprays, toffee and styling powders. All of them promise a stunning result, and some of them have a pleasant floral, fruit and berry aroma: coconut milk and rice milk, raspberries, strawberries, black currants, mint, apple and mango - this is not a complete list of what beauty-ladies can smell.

Hair styling: all about styling products

Tempting designer styling bottles with the right choice will give the hair a healthy shine and volume required by the project, confidently protect the strands from the negative influence of external factors: dust pollution, ultraviolet radiation, natural precipitation and wind, hair dryer, ironing and other hot styling devices. We offer to understand the range of hair styling products offered by manufacturers - orientation in such a variety will help you make an informed choice.

Hair spray

Hairspray - an old-timer in the evolutionary line of hair styling products. For some women, it has long become an indispensable tool for restoring order to the head, others refused or do not dare to use hairspray at all due to the possible bonding effect and the unnatural appearance of the hair covered with a varnish film.

Hair styling: all about styling products

We dare to assure: the formation of an incalculable lacquer peel remains in the distant 90s of the last century - modern lacquers have an optimal composition that not only does not stick together strands of short and long hair designed for styling, but also enveloping each hair, strengthens its structure and guarantees protection from the negative effects of the environment. When choosing and purchasing varnishes it is recommended to follow simple rules:

Choose a suitable lacquer lacquer in accordance with the intended "wearing time", the complexity of the hairstyle and the type of hair. Fixation is graded into four stages: weak, medium, strong and super-strong. Weak, thin in structure and soft hair is recommended lacquer with a minimum concentration, for thick and hard - strong or superstrong fixation.Simple and gentle for the hair everyday styling is possible and with medium means of concentration, but a complex evening or long-time hairstyle requires a super strong fixation.
Varnishes from different manufacturers with the same type of fixation indicated on the package may vary in stability and fix the hairstyle or the selected strands in different ways. Sometimes the budget options of the mass market fix the laying more reliably than professional products with excellent fixation declared by the manufacturers.

High-quality lacquer does not contain alcohol constituents that can adversely affect the structure of the hair, the condition of the hair bulb and cause redness and dermatosis of the scalp

3. Plus for lacquer will be included in its composition nourishing ingredients that nourish and strengthen hair, and amino acids, preventing caffeine from hair loss; sunscreens will protect strands from drying out and thinning under the action of sunlight.

4. Orientation on the hair structure and the choice of specialized varnishes for thin, curly or dyed hair will make the hair dynamic and lively, not losing volume for a long time, the strands in it will look natural.

Both the composition and the performance of the bottle with varnish play a role in a high-quality hairstyle: the smaller openings have a spray gun, the smaller droplets will be sprayed and deposited on the strands without gluing. For lovers of the experiments, tinted varnish products are offered - besides components that securely fix the hairstyle, they contain coloring ingredients and / or glitter.

Hair styling: all about styling products

Dry lacquer has become an innovation in the line of varnishes: sprayed like an ordinary one from a spray gun, this powder lacquer does not create a lacquer “peel” and, at the same time, fixes the haircut to “excellent”.

Mousses and hair creams

The basic functional purpose of such tools is to give the hair the necessary volume: under the influence of foam or mousse curled locks for a long time retain elasticity, and straight hair - smoothness and shine. Usually mousse does not contain flavoring agents included in the composition.

The difference between mousse and foam lies in a lighter texture; mousse is recommended for hair of short and medium length, and styling foam - for thick in structure and long

Mousses and foams in the volume selected along the length of the hair are applied to the wetted strands and the hairbrush is distributed along their length.Like lacquers, mousses and foams have a gradation of fixation - the application when laying funds of strong concentration is self-sufficient and does not need to be supplemented with varnishes and other styling compositions. Characteristic for most styling products, additional nourishing and moisturizing components, UV protection filters are also present here.

Hair gels

The variety of these modeling styling products is striking: gels for straightening and shining, helium-mousse, gel-volumes, gels for creating the effect of wet hair, universal gels of mobile fixation, etc. The property of the gel to envelop every hair visually thickens them, creates volume and hairstyle of high strength: for short hair, the gel becomes an indispensable assistant in modeling, and on long and medium strands will help shape individual curls, waves, curls.

The degree of fixation of gel formulations is different, some gels have waterproof properties and will not allow the hair to fall apart even during climatic precipitations.

A variation of the gel is a liquid gel spray, uniformly applied to the strands by spraying from a spray bottle.It is recommended as a styling tool for curlers and create a "wet" effect of strands in the hairstyle with a chemical perm. The content in some gels of shiny particles will give the evening hairstyle a great showiness and irresistibility.

Hair styling: all about styling products

Hair wax

A styling tool, loved by professional master stylists with some skills, will help you to arrange individual strands yourself. The wax warmed in the palms is applied by hands to specific strands, remains plastic and allows changing the hairstyle without secondary application - the consumption is economical, and the hair looks natural and well-groomed.

The universality of the wax composition is the possibility of straightening his strands, the formation of elastic curls or underline curls and curls. For curly, difficult to style, unruly or thick hair, liquid wax spray is recommended. Wax with nutrients - one of the best styling products that protects hair from UV radiation.

Hair creams

For weak, thinned or damaged hair, ordinary styling products will not work - they will over-weight the strands and make your hair careless and untidy.A cream is recommended as a suitable styling product for this type of hair; it will gently fix the hairstyle and will help to restore the damaged structure.

Applied to clean dried hair in a small amount of cream gives them a special softness, facilitates combing and shaping the desired shape. Not bad, if shampoo, balm or conditioner, as well as styling cream belong to the same series of one manufacturer. Professional collections for straight / curly hair offer a cream and as a means of recovery, and as a composition for everyday styling.

Hair styling: all about styling products

Laying whey

The serum functional does not end with the styling task: serums of different compositions are focused on ridding the woman of the existing "hair" problems - moisturizing, nourishing, fighting split ends and brittle hair are performed, dandruff is eliminated, loss is eliminated. Bioactive serum components allow you to see a positive effect literally after the first application, daily care or global restoration make the serum a unique care product.

Depending on the type of hair, the serums are divided into straightening, eliminating waviness and “dandelion effect”, and curly hair serums with clearly pronounced curls.

Ways to use the serum are different, you should be guided by the manufacturer's recommendations - the application is possible on dry and moist hair, the composition does not need to be washed off and maintains the shape of the hairstyle with the simultaneous care of it for the entire period of action. Hair remains natural, does not stick together and does not accumulate static charges.

Hair paste

This styling tool is recommended for those who are not afraid of bold experiments on their own appearance, new creative images and the implementation of daring ideas. Designed for hair up to medium length of paste suggests two varieties:

a modeling version with a special formula and a non-curing texture on the loops allows you to change the created image during the term of the funds without additional addition of the composition; the texture of the paste makes it possible to drastically change the directions of the strands, sharpen their tips and form the most extreme hairstyles;
polishing paste usually contains vegetable oils, nutritious vitamin elements and amino acids that fill the hair with vital energy and restore the structure of the hair with activation of the production of natural keratin. Polishing type of paste will make the hair smooth, docile, with the allocation of texture styling.

Pastes, like other cosmetology products for styling, have different degrees of fixation and composition - in some media, besides fixing particles, there are fruit micro-waxes that strengthen and protect hair during hot styling, as well as UV filters. Unlike wax, pasta does not require rubbing and warming in the palms - the composition containing water is ready for laying at any moment.

Hair styling: all about styling products

Ties for hair

Styling draw is a new product in the series of usual styling products that few people know about. Indeed, allowing you to create amazing and unusual in composition hairstyle “hairdresser chewing gum” requires some skills in the work, and therefore especially loved by professional stylists and make-up artists. Ties, and the name impliescharacterized by a stiff texture and super-strong fixation - creating accents on individual strands, disheveled laying, while observing the elasticity of the hairdo, unusual stylistic solutions are possible when using such a tool.

Universality of stylist's “chewing gum” - in the possibility of using on hair of any length, type and structure, frequent use is not forbidden

This styling tool is often used by craftsmen to create wedding and evening hairstyles, unique stage images. Excellent fixation and the components that additionally strengthen the strands will keep the hair even in conditions of high humidity, wind and bad weather. Additionally, it is possible to distinguish a type of tinnuka: wax toffee, which in addition to the traditional set of components includes vegetable and beeswaxes.

Styling Powder

A pleasant innovation in the market of styling products, styling powder or hair powder, easy to use and universally designed for hairstyle on hair of different lengths. Sustainable volume, the allocation of individual strands,dynamic or natural "ruffled" and the absence of remnants of the composition on the hair - powder texture when rubbed in the palms of the hands turns into a creamy consistency. For the wedding and evening hairstyles, a “brilliant” kind of styling powder will be appropriate - sparkling particles will give the strands a pleasant shine and mysterious shimmer.

For basal volume, it is sufficient to divide the strands into sectors, add a suitable amount of powder to the roots, and evenly distribute it with massage movements. For textural selection of strands imitating combing with the movements of hands, styling powder is distributed along the length of the hair. The undoubted advantage of styling powder is its successful use for the formation of creative and complex hairstyles on long hair: it is enough to put the powder on the locks and fix them as needed.

When using any styling product, it is important not to overdose it: an excessive amount will cause untidy and unattractive hairstyle. Proper use of proven styling tools will make unruly locks obedient and put them in a complex hairstyle, sparing compositions will take care of damaged hair.

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