Healthy sleep, or Learning to fall asleep correctly

Healthy sleep, or Learning to fall asleep correctly

Some studies have argued that due to lack of sleep, activity in different parts of our brain may decrease, which complicates our decision making process, for example. Sleep helps our brain work more efficiently. During the night, the brain conducts serious work in order to be ready for the tasks of the new day, such as memorizing new information, acquiring skills, developing creative abilities. When we feel tired, it becomes much more difficult for us to control emotions. We can be angry, irritable and can hardly cope with stressful situations. The statement "Morning is wiser than evening" is an excellent lesson to remember. Often solutions are really much easier after a good sleep.

Lack of sleep is one of the causes of hormonal imbalance: the level of ghrelin - the hunger hormone - begins to rise, and the level of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for satiety, begins to fall.Chronic lack of sleep can cause chronic overeating, which is very difficult to control.

The amount of sleep affects a hormone such as insulin, which is responsible for blood sugar levels - sudden sugar jumps during chronic fatigue can cause diabetes. A full sleep is also necessary for women's health: those of us who do not allow ourselves to rest for a sufficient number of hours are more likely to undergo cycle disturbances and a decrease in fertility.

Good sleep is also necessary for the immune system. The fight against various infections is much easier and colds are easier to bear when we allow ourselves to recover and sleep a lot. Remember that effective training is possible only with quality rest. Muscles do not grow during exercise, but during rest, recovering in a state of complete rest. That is why many athletes arrange their daytime sleep when they are preparing for a competition.

Healthy sleep, or Learning to fall asleep correctly

In general, as you already understood, sleep is very important! And I want to share with you recommendations that will help you sleep every night like a baby:

  • Turn off. If you have a habit of watching a new series of your favorite series in bed before going to bed - throw this thing. Leave a laptop or tablet in another room.It is better to take a book with you to bed, this will help to calm the brain activity. The same applies to the phone - we all love to look through the Instagram tape for the night, but believe me, your sleep will improve many times without these destructive actions.
  • Create coziness where you sleep. It doesn't matter if you sleep in a huge bedroom or on a sofa in a studio. Create an atmosphere of peace around the place where you relax. Take the main role of lighting: soft light, candles, aroma lamps and pillow sprays will help you to relax and tune in to sleep.
  • Finish eating a few hours before bedtime. Hunger and overeating before bedtime can interfere with proper rest and cause insomnia. Exercise during the day is also very important for a good sleep. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle at the computer, then most likely you have problems falling asleep. Try to move more in order to expend excess energy, saturate the brain and the whole body with enough oxygen for a good and healthy sleep.
  • Listen to quiet music or meditate. There are many podcasts on the Web with short meditations that will help you to let go of obsessive thoughts. For example,meditation course, which is designed for a week and takes no more than 12 minutes a day. It was developed by Danielle Mika Nagal, an ambassador of the famous sportswear brand Lululemon, who has been traveling the world since 2000, teaching yoga and meditation practice. Try to relax every night before bed during the week, and you will notice how much calmer and stronger your sleep has become.

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