Healthy superfoods: myths and truth

If you want to be healthy, have a slim figure, go to a light yogurt, milk without fat, corn flour and other light products! It sounds beautiful, but is it possible to believe in it? On what fat to give up, how to use low-calorie foods and what magic you shouldn’t believe, says the expert of the show “Weighted People” on the CTC, dietician, gastrointestinal diseases specialist Julia Bastrigina.

With or without fat?

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Some diets recommend products with zero fat content, others - with a low, because skim can overeat, perceiving them as harmless. Where is the truth?

The truth, as usual, lies in the middle. Indeed, excessive restriction of the energy value of the diet leads to the accumulation of “hungry potential” and subsequent overeating. However, for people with impaired lipid metabolism, the use of products with reduced fat content is one of the important therapeutic techniques. The most reasonable solution is to reduce the fat content by 10-30% compared with the previous style of nutrition.For example, if you like sour cream with a fat content of 40%, replace it with a product with an index of 25%. And the quality of life will remain bearable, and the calories will go much less. However, it is necessary to get used to the idea that there will be no instant weight loss. However, as the rapid return of weight.

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