Heart-to-heart talk: interview with Ekaterina Odintsova

At the end of July, the shooting of the second season of the project “Millionaire on the issue” will start, in which girls from all over the country will fight for the heart of the oligarch. Leading remained the same - Catherine Odintsova. In an interview with SUNMAG, she told which men she herself prefers and why she does not interfere in her son’s personal life.

Katya, July 13, you had a birthday. As noted?

I flew to Miami on my favorite island Fisher Island. Last year, she celebrated it in a big way - there were 200 guests, and this time she decided to celebrate in silence. A friend of mine, Julia Baranovskaya, and her children flew to me. Also joined a few more people. Plus my daughter Dina. Son Anton stayed in Moscow with his wife.

How did the children congratulate?

Handed over gifts and spoke many warm words.

Your son has recently gotten married. What are you mother-in-law?

I hope that is good, because I love my daughter-in-law very much, I respect you, I admire her spiritual and human qualities. I approve of Anton's choice with all my heart.But I have a rule: I don’t climb into the privacy of children with advice. Firstly, I myself have something to do - work, shooting, friends, travel. I believe that the guarantee of a happy family is also that parents do not interfere in the relations of children. Young people themselves must build a cell of society. So Anton and his wife said that my house is always open if they need help. But for my part, there will be no unnecessary initiatives.

Dina - your copy outwardly, and the character in whom?

Not me. It is more holistic and strong. It has a strong core. At the same time intelligent and educated. Clearly upholds the boundaries. Able to correctly and clearly show what is important to her and what is not. Hardworking, purposeful, creative. She has a good taste. Election in everything - people, books, art, fashion.

What is your mom?

Versatile. I am a friend and mentor. I can be strict too, because, after all, parents are responsible to their children for the vaccinated views. I consider myself moderately strict and liberal.

You always look good. Share your life hacking.

Of course, I have secrets. It has long been understood that you need to drink dietary supplements and vitamins that support the body from the inside.I take vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and other drugs. From 5 to 12 capsules a day. I believe that every adult, if he can afford, should take care of his health. I also love the care, massage. I do a salt peeling, after which the skin becomes velvety. Well, mesotherapy, threads - where without them? And on vacation I always do water aerobics.

Publication by Ekaterina Odintsova (@odintsovaprtrend)July 19, 2018 at 10:49 PDT

What are the five beauty products that you always have in your cosmetic bag?

Valmont face mask. You hold 20 minutes - and as new. After you can even tonal foundation and powder does not apply. Face cream, mascara, resistant eyeliner and pale pink lip gloss. Well, the spirits, too, do not interfere.

What elements of wardrobe can not do?

Without a little black dress, elegant pumps with heels, jeans, white shirt. I also love cashmere suits - leotards and a V-neck jumper. I love to wear knitted cardigans and silk pajamas.

Do you have a stylist?

No, I'm picking up clothes myself. I just studied myself so well that I will explain to the stylist longer ... However, once, many years ago, fashion directors from leading publications gave me advice and helped me find my own style.

What are your favorite colors?

White, light blue, soft pink, black, red and cold yellow.

You are often compared to Marilyn Monroe. Do you personally have an idol?

Thanks for comparing with Marilyn Monroe. She is very feminine, light, playful. Such a woman should be outwardly. However, her inner qualities and lifestyle are absolutely not appealing to me. Having such data and talent, she so tragically left. It could not create a family, have children. Also became a victim of political intrigue. Died for nothing. My idol is Sophia Loren. I love her for the manifestation of wisdom, strength and perseverance.

Soon will begin shooting the second season of "Millionaire on the issue." Share your impressions of the first part?

Powerful show. This time for a successful man his children will choose a wife. And I help them a little to navigate. Incredibly interesting to participate in this project. We give girls a chance to compete for the heart of the oligarch and understand how everything happens. She enthusiastically watched how the heroines behaved differently and how the bridegroom then commented on dates.

What are the main mistakes made by the participants?

I think they were not. In general, the main mistake a woman can make is to go against the wishes of a partner, ceasing to be herself. In no case do not do that.You have to be yourself, translate values ​​and enjoy life. A man either loves or not - even out of his skin. Or hooked or not. Trying to think through the line of conduct is absolutely ungrateful. In the show, most of all, both me and the millionaire were sympathetic to the girls, who sincerely enjoyed just socializing.

What kind of person are you dreaming about?

For me, important qualities such as a sense of humor, the ability to enjoy life and enjoy it. I welcome the presence of goals to which he goes with a smile on his face. Even the most successful businessman will not be attractive if, with bulging eyes, rushes to money and power. This is already skewed. I am impressed by happy, funny and harmonious people. One phrase: a man who can not stand the brain. No matter how rude it is, it is difficult to express it more precisely.

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Is money important to you?

From personal experience I will say that having a finance does not make a person happy. I'm making good money myself. I can even call myself an enviable bride in terms of material well-being. I have a successful business.So in material terms, I provide myself with the standard of living that I want. Do I want to marry a successful man? If a meeting of this, then why not. But in my line of values, a person of a noble profession, for example, a teacher or a doctor, is much more attractive than any financial broker who earns by deceiving people. A man defines his case. This is akin to a mission. He must be worthy.

What usually spend fees, salary?

On travel, personal care, restaurants, children, parents. I love clothes, but I don’t buy too much. I can buy jewelry, if you really want, but do not dwell on it. I do not get used to real estate. I only need one apartment. Nice to feel free as the wind. Hotels, houses for rent - it's so beautiful! No worries with them.

If you had the opportunity to return to the past, what would you change?

Everyone has something that he regrets. It seems that one could do differently. But if you look at life globally and how I feel, I would not want to change anything, everyone is happy. The only thing, if she could help save the life of the father of her children, she would do it.But I understand that we are not powerful over many events. Need to learn to be humble. I can do it.

Can you call yourself a happy person?

Yes. My parents are alive and well, children are safe. Anton and Dina grew up worthy people. Peaceful sky overhead, no wars. Everything, thank God, makes it possible to rejoice. I gratefully accept everything that happens to me.

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