Heart-to-heart talk: interview with film and theater actress Polina Grenz

Polina Grenz became famous thanks to the role of Sasha in the TV series “Fizruk”. Now the girl is actively conducting an instagram account, which has almost a million subscribers, and is withdrawn, including in Hollywood films. In an interview, Polina talked about social dependence and her unromantic nature.

Polina, you have 854 thousand subscribers. Agree with the statement that Instagram is a job? How long does the social network take?

Unfortunately, yes, Instagram has become a job. Now you won’t be surprised with live photos, moments, now they should be in a good light, with proper processing. All this takes a lot of time also because I try to interact with the audience, because it is for this that social networks are created.

How do you react to negative comments?

I do not take to heart the negative, I am calm.Sometimes, of course, I can answer them sarcastically or rudely, for these people obviously do not write unpleasant things to me alone and need to put them in their place. But in general, it does not touch me.

What questions are asked most often by subscribers?

How did I lose weight?

And How?

For six months I do not eat meat, I eat five or six times a day. There is a page in instagram @grents_pp, there I painted everything in detail. By the way, for several months I have not been going to the gym. Started to run. It is interesting to see what happens.

Have to deal with abnormal fans?

There was one crazy fan who constantly wrote, came to all events. It did not bother him until he began to pursue me, and his friends - to attack in social networks. They called my director with threats. This continued until I publicly threatened them live. Thank God, we fell behind.

Now it's fashionable to arrange detox days-rest from social networks. Do you practice this?

No, even if you want, because it should always be in touch. Work obliges.

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How do you treat such a concept as social dependence?

It definitely exists. But I don’t have it, because if I don’t have to share my life with subscribers, I wouldn’t do it. But in general, this dependence is the real problem. Because even when you want to sit with friends in a cafe and just chat, at some point the hand reaches for the phone. Perhaps I am an uninteresting interlocutor ...

Tell me about your friends-bloggers?

They are enough. Everyone does something unique. I put in the concept of “blogger” the opportunity to convey to my audience some useful things that entice, in any case this should not lead to the degradation of society. Content should be interesting, instructive, you should not forget about humor too.

Now I am shooting a series on my YouTube channel, where I talk about my own life. I try to do well, I want subscribers to watch the series and learn from my mistakes, because everything is not going smoothly with me. But many public figures are used to showing only ideal moments and photos on their pages. At me all as is in fact, without embellishment. The series is called "# unfiltered."

How do you treat girls with a million subscribers and a million photos of luxurious life,who you know what they do?

I don't care who does what. Everyone has his own life, which he manages as he wants. No one has the right to judge them.

Surely you're always on the phone ... Friends, loved ones are not offended?

Not always on the phone. I am more at work. Filming, events, meetings. No one is offended, everyone understands everything.

Tell me about five favorite items in the wardrobe?

Loose jeans - like loose clothes, so that nothing fits, but just hangs in a bag. I love sweatshirts, warm and cozy sweaters, again over size. I really like backpacks - small, large, just to throw over your shoulders and forget about them.

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I can not do without comfortable sneakers, since I really like to walk on foot, shoes should be appropriate. My wardrobe is crammed with comfortable sneakers for every day. Then dark sunglasses. I always go to them during the day, I do not like when they look me intently into the eyes. In Moscow, this happens all the time, which causes me to panic.

What do you like more: dresses, shoes or sporty?

I prefer kezhual-style, heels are not very comfortable, but in sports every day you do not like.

Share the secrets of beauty or lifhakami?

I wash my face with cold water, it invigorates and tones the skin. I also have a lot of oils and moisturizers for the face. Every day I make different masks, cucumber, with honey, yogurt. I also use oils for hair, I always process the tips to prevent cross-section and dryness. I choose shampoos, conditioners and other products only from natural ingredients. They are not sold in supermarkets. There is a separate brand of natural cosmetics, which I will not advertise.

Tell us about the last movie you watched?

Cinema "Red Sparrow", a bit heavy. And before him, I watched "Love and Death" in 1975. This is a funny picture of Woody Allen, I advise everyone to view. Despite the fact that more than forty years have passed, the topic is actual, there is sarcasm - everything, as I like. In general, I prefer foreign cinema.

What role would you like to do?

In the historical, perhaps during the reign of Catherine the Great or a little bit later.

Do you have idols among the actors?

I like Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, I admire them as masters of reincarnation.

And which of the Russian artists are friends?

In addition to the actors of our performance, I also communicate with those with whom I worked: Vladimir Sychov, Dmitry Nagiyev, Alexander Golovin, Lelei Baranova, Sergei Romanovich.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Either for walks, or for learning English or watching TV shows in English. Now I am reviewing the Friends.

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Do you have a loved one?


Are you a romantic person?

Because of the large amount of work, I have already forgotten what it means to make surprises for someone or to give due attention.

What qualities do you value in a strong half of humanity?

Honesty, first of all to oneself, responsibility for one’s words and deeds, loyalty, understanding and respect for a woman. Of course, the nature of a man should be stronger than me.

Polina, tell us which projects are you currently involved in?

At the moment I play in the play “Snow in a strange city”, this is an enterprise. We tour the cities with a wonderful cast: Maria Kulikova, Konstantin Lavronenko, Alexei Bardukov, Ksenia Lavronenko and Maxim Emelyanov.In the near future, the Russian-Hollywood film “Oracle: A Game in the Dark” will be released, where I have an episode. And in the near future will show the Russian-Egyptian film, where I have one of the main roles. Well, a few projects are still at the development stage, which you will learn about later.

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