Find a person knowing only his phone number is of course possible. If desired, this can be done even by yourself and completely free of charge. For this there are a number of clever ways. Operatives call it legend, hackers and IT people "social engineering." The essence of the method is very simple: you need to call a person and, under a fictional pretext, convince him to tell you the information that interests you. For example, you can introduce yourself as an employee of a pension fund and ask for "some clarifications" for "successful accrual of a future pension." People are quite kind to these things and often are happy to share almost any information. Such "legends" can be a great many: a call from the bank, mail, from the bailiffs or from the police. It is better to collect some information about the victim in advance in order to show it during the call. At least you need to know the name and patronymic. Good luck in the field of operations!

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