Highlights of the American diet

Special attention is always paid to themselves diets that are tested on their own experience of their creators. And today we will speak about the nutrition system called “American diet”, of which there are three types. It was developed back in the 80's, but still does not lose its popularity. Want to know more? Read on.

To eat or not to eat? That is the question

Psychologist Martin Catan - the author of the American diet, was able to lose about 30 kg, adhering to his own personal diet. And when I saw the result, I decided to share my knowledge with those who were unsuccessfully struggling with excess weight, writing a book.

The basis of the diet are two cycles - the first, constituting two weeks, helps the body to tune in to a new diet, and the second (three weeks) is aimed at active fat burning.

Let's find out about the main features of this diet:

  1. It is not designed for rapid weight loss, but is aimed at gradually adapting the body to a new format of food.Thus, you will not only become slimmer over time, but will also achieve overall recovery by switching to proper nutrition. At the end of the diet weight, as a rule, stabilizes, and it is not difficult to maintain it at the desired level.
  2. The main postulate is the maximum rejection of fat and a significant reduction in servings.
  3. The main cycle of weight loss called "roller coaster" involves several important steps:
  • the first three days, the maximum total caloric intake of consumed foods should be no more than 600 kcal;
  • the next four days are allowed to increase this figure to 900 kcal;
  • two weeks after that, the figure should be kept at 1200 kcal;
  • The last week provides for the repetition of the first two points.

Another important principle of the Martin Catan power system is fractional power. The optimal number of meals per day - 5 times. The latter should be no later than 17.00.

The “dinner minus” principle helps to relieve the stomach at bedtime and start the process of using stored fat as energy.

What can?

The undoubted plus of the American diet is that there is no meal schedule.There you can whenever you want, but not exceeding the number of calories. So you have to learn how to count them.

What products are allowed to use?

  1. Vegetables. They are the basis of the diet. 400 g per day - the optimal amount that will give the body a basic set of useful substances and will improve the work of the intestine.
  2. Fruit. Their portion should not exceed 300 g. It is better to give preference to fruits with a low sugar content - green apples, citrus fruits and pears.
  3. Flour products. Baking will have to be abandoned altogether, but a small amount of loaves of bran you can afford. 2-3 small pieces of whole-grain bread can also be included in the diet.
  4. Dairy. As is known, fermented milk products are also beneficial in the process of losing weight. But only with a minimum fat content - yogurt without additives, kefir, cottage cheese.
  5. Meat. Pork and lamb are banned, but the sirloin of turkey and chicken is fine.
  6. A fish. Dishes from this product are allowed to be consumed twice a week. Suitable hake, cod or pollock.
  7. Butter. Creamy pamper yourself not worth it, if you really want to achieve the desired results.But the vegetable will enrich the diet with a large number of vitamins and trace elements. The maximum amount is 20 g per day.
  8. Water. Almost all diets involve the use of large amounts of fluid. This helps speed up the metabolic process and removes toxins faster. The menu of the American water supply system should be at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

In order to get rid of excess weight quickly, Dr. Martin Catan also draws attention to physical activity, which he recommends at least 45 minutes a day.

It should also be said that such a food system is categorically not suitable for pregnant women, people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as athletes. The economy mode, in which the body goes during a diet, really helps to reduce weight, but at the same time, activates the "attacks" of hunger.

Therefore, if you are ready to fundamentally revise your own diet, and be ready for further restrictions on food, then the American diet is for you. Be healthy and beautiful!

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