What is the best way to wear different scarves? (15 photo)

Along with the right clothes, make-up and hairstyle, there is a good and appropriate choice of accessories, and scarves and shawls are among them.

In every woman’s arsenal, you can find several or even a dozen different scarves, and this is not surprising, because such a thing not only can decorate or dilute a boring image, but also protect it from wind and bad weather, hide the flaws of the exterior that you don’t want to expose for show

The cold is not terrible

Every self-respecting girl should be able to use such a simple, but very powerful weapon, because, as you know, a well-chosen scarf is half the success in selecting a new image.

Of course, when you go for another similar purchase, and the store just runs up, still, there is no end to the variety of scarves, scarves, shawls and neck ties, and most often it happens that way - you get the first one you like or so a few pieces in the wardrobe.How to choose the right accessory, then not to regret your decision?

Stylish image

In fact, there is nothing complicated in this, adhering to the basic fashion trends and good-order rules, you can combine a very unpredictable, extraordinary, yet stylish and memorable image.

The main thing is not only to learn how to choose, but also to know how to wear a scarf with outerwear: with a jacket, coat or fur coat, because this is the secret of the originality of this accessory.

By the way, it is believed that the first scarves appeared in ancient China, but then they were not the subject of a fashionable wardrobe, they protected soldiers from strong wind and cold.

Ancient Romanian legionnaires also wore similar accessories; they tied scarves around their necks during campaigns and also put them under armor.

Accessory can be made from different materials.

But now Louis XIV even had a personal butler, who dealt exclusively with royal neck jewelery. By the way, in Soviet times only women and children decided to wear a scarf, since this was considered a sign of gentleness, bourgeois and unreasonableness.

It is possible that this is why young people often ignore this important detail of the wardrobe, without thinking that they are losing an excellent opportunity to transform their image well.It is good that now from such unnecessary traditions they are gradually leaving, and scarves have taken a worthy place in the wardrobe of any modern person.

How to pick up any neck accessory?

Perhaps we will give you some tips that will teach you how to choose the right scarf, depending on certain conditions. First of all, you need to determine the purpose for which you purchase this accessory.

For real fashionistas

For example, warm winter scarves, which are usually made of wool or thick knitwear, are not suitable for an evening event or festive gatherings, and, on the contrary, a thick winter jacket will hardly be combined with a thin silk kerchief, which, moreover, is not able to protect from the cold wind

Fits any clothing.

So, we decided that for demi-season weather you can turn your attention to silk, damask or poplin, these are the fabrics that will be appropriate in the warm season, but models made of wool, cashmere, mohair or boucle are relevant for wintertime.

Option with fur

Another point is that it is better not to save on accessories, because it is these things that make your image deep and multifaceted, so it’s better to dwell on natural materials that look far more profitable than synthetics.

Option for autumn weather

The next tip - go strictly to the choice of ornament.For some reason, many women are very throws at some complex and multicolored variations, although with them, just the same, you need to be very cautious: it's easy to get ridiculous and even a funny image.

It's best to stick to such a simple, but effective rule: if you prefer monochrome and monochrome things of the main image, then the scarf can become a bright and stylish spot in your wardrobe, let it be of a contrasting color, maybe even decorated with some small or large print.

But if you like bright style and clothes, dotted with drawings, prints, trimmings and interspersions, then the scarf should be chosen rather strict motifs, without drawings, in color, combined with the basic shade of your clothes.

Cheeky scarf

Choosing the next scarf in your wardrobe think about whether you have at least three things with which it will be combined, and only then make your choice in his favor.

If you want to purchase a cervical accessory for a particular outfit, then there is a sense in it to go shopping, then you definitely will not lose in color and texture.

For the brave fashionistas

The next moment is the lady's complexion, for example, women with large facial features and large shapes can easily choose scarves or scarves with large ornaments or drawings, they will be very harmonious and appropriate.

But on the miniature and slim girls exactly the same accessories can look very ridiculous, so they better look at the scarves with small ornaments, try to match the type of pattern that matches the features of your face.

For sports girls

This season, scarves with cartoon prints are popular, but notice that such options will look great on young girls, but not on ladies in 30.

Make sure that the ornament of your scarf does not repeat the patterns of your clothes, for example, if you purchased a wonderful shawl with an animal print, this does not mean that you need to combine it with a leopard blouse.

Bright color refreshes the face

How to tie a scarf: simple ways and unusual knots?

For some reason, many people think that tying a scarf is somehow unusual - it is difficult and incomprehensible, it requires certain skills and abilities. A neck accessory is not a tie or a butterfly, there are no rigid frames and rules, by and large, if you just put a handkerchief on your shoulders, it already looks fresh and unusual.

For an elegant girl

And if you still adapt to spend a few minutes on creating a small work of art on your neck, which will also be combined with your style, then you will, in fact, turn into a kind of professional in such a business.

Image for fashionable autumn

For lovers of the classics, the simplest and most stylish solution would be to tie a scarf with a “knot” around the neck. The most traditional and most suitable for all types of women and girls is considered to be the “Milan method”, which must be taken into account by the length of the neck.

Girls with a long and slender neck can tie a knot tight, but full and with a sign of the second chin, knot is better to relax, which visually add a scarf of volume and relaxation.

The scarf should be bright

To give the image a touch of elegance and severity, try wrapping the scarf around the neck, tie it in front with a knot in front, and pull the loose ends back around the neck, where they also tie and hide inwards, under the jacket or any other outer clothing.

Warm and beautiful

Silk shawls that are tied in the form of “turban” on the head look very original, the image acquires notes of mystery and light mystery. Thin and long scarves look interesting as a headdress, tied over the hair, forming a kind of bandage, and the ends are displayed on the shoulders or back.

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