How can I quickly pump the triceps?

Many representatives of the weaker sex are convinced that it is not worth paying attention to hands during training. If you do not agree with such an opinion, then you will probably be interested to know how you can pump up triceps at home.

What is this muscle and is it worth it to rock?

Triceps is located on the back of the shoulder and stretches to the elbow. It consists of the lateral, long and medial heads and performs important functions, namely, it is responsible for the flexion and extension movements of the upper limbs. Although in ordinary life we ​​quite often unbend and bend our arms, this is not enough to fully work out the muscles, which explains the benefits of training.

Should I download the triceps to the fair sex? Yes, and there are several reasons. The first is a harmonious, proportional, relief and attractive body. If you regularly go in for sports and pay attention only to problem areas, then other areas may not look so beautiful and developed.

The second reason is a decrease in shoulder volumes and the elimination of sagging of this zone. When overeating and sedentary lifestyle fat cells are deposited on the hands, especially in the upper parts on the back side. These areas are almost not involved in the performance of everyday women's responsibilities, so some girls and women do not look the way they would like.

The third reason is the build-up of muscle mass. Yes, naturally thin girls dream of a beautiful sexy body, and excessively thin hands sometimes spoil the look. Regularly performed exercises will help make the shoulders more prominent and feminine.

How to work out triceps?

How can a woman quickly pump out the triceps? To begin with, consider the general rules of training, compliance with which will achieve excellent results:

  • Do not expect a quick effect. The result will be noticeable after at least 1.5 months of regular training. The representatives of the weaker sex, with excess weight, to achieve the desired effect takes more time - 2-3 months. And among the owners of a slim build or slender figure, the triceps can take shape after a few weeks.
  • It is important during training to use all three heads of the muscle, otherwise there will be no visible effect. To do this, you must perform various exercises: presses, extensions, push-ups, lifts with dumbbells.
  • Increase the load gradually, so as not to injure muscle fibers and not suffer from pain. If you use an additional weighting agent, start with a small comfortable weight, then start to gradually increase it. The same goes for the number of repetitions. For untrained girls, it’s enough 10-15 times to get started, then go to 20. Then you can do two approaches, then three. But in any case, do not exercise until exhaustion: you should feel pleasant fatigue, light tension in the muscles.
  • Do not try to do daily, the optimum frequency of training is two or a maximum of three times a week. If you maintain such intervals, the muscles will have time to recover after the load and begin to take the desired form, rather than being depleted.
  • Work on other muscles of the upper limbs so that your hands look harmonious.

Exercise Options

Now consider the best exercises aimed at working out triceps:

  1. Push-ups with narrow grip. First, get on all fours and put your hands on the floor, so that the distance between them is slightly less than the width of the shoulders. Straighten your legs so that the body forms an even line. Begin slowly and deeply inhale and simultaneously lower the body, bending your arms. Exhale, quickly rise and return to its original position. Perform 15 repetitions. If you did not press earlier, then you can do an exercise with knees bent at your feet to reduce the load.
  2. Push ups from a chair or bench. You will need a sufficiently high support for performing push-ups. Stand with your back to it, sit on the edge, rest slightly bent legs on the floor in front of you and move the body mass into your hands, removing the buttocks from the bench. On a deep breath, sit down, bending your elbows and moving the weight of the body to the upper limbs, so that the lower ones remain as relaxed as possible. Perform at least 15 repetitions. To complicate the exercise, you can place your feet on a raised platform, for example, on a stool or chair.
  3. Arm extension with one heavy dumbbell. Its weight depends on the level of your physical fitness, but it should be at least 3-4 kilograms, because you will hold weighting at once with two limbs.Take the projectile in your hands and grab it securely to prevent accidental slipping. While inhaling, lower the arms with the dumbbell behind the head, so that the forearms touch the shoulders, but the latter remain almost motionless. That is, it is not necessary to strive to lower the projectile as low as possible: ideally, it touches the upper back or even remains behind the head. Then exhale and slowly raise your arms with a weighting agent up. For one approach, perform 15-20 repetitions. Instead of a weighting agent, you can use an expander fixed behind your back on the floor with your feet.
  4. Alternately extending the arms. Stand or sit on a chair so that your back is straight. Take a dumbbell in one hand, support the first limb in the shoulder area with the other. Inhale, bend the involved arm, extending backwards, to the maximum stretching of the triceps muscles. Do not linger at the end point and exhale, straighten your arm, lift up. For each limb, perform this exercise 10-15 times.
  5. Effective training with extension of the limbs in the slope. You will need a bench or a stable chair (stool) with a wide seat.Place the left knee bent in the knee and the straightened left arm on the pedestal. The right leg is on the floor, in the right hand take the dumbbell and lower it down. On a deep breath, bend the working limb, bringing the shoulder to the chest, fully straighten the arm, again bend and lower, returning to the starting position. Perform 10 repetitions for each side.
  6. Dumbbell bench press. Lie down on a bench or on the floor, pick up one big dumbbell or two small ones. Straighten your limbs, stretch them in front of you over your chest. On the exhalation bend the elbows, approach the burden on the head at eye level. Exhale, return to the original position. Repeat the exercise at least 10-15 times.
  7. Useful bench press with an average grip on the width of the shoulders. When lowering the shoulders, place along the body, elbows pressed to the body. Raise the shell quickly.

Do it competently and regularly, and soon you will notice the result in the form of beautiful and relief triceps.

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