How do the kids kiss?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
August 27, 2014
How do the kids kiss?

Manifestations of children's tenderness and friendship are often expressed in kisses. When a child kisses parents or close relatives, this is perceived as quite normal. But if the kids start kissing each other, then the adults sometimes become alarmed. Is it correct? Are children's kisses a manifestation of the early development of sexuality? Let's try to figure it out.

Baby kisses

How do kids usually kiss? The answer is unequivocal: chaste. Their kisses are innocent and absolutely devoid of sexual motivation (in the adult sense). However, the asexuality of children's kisses does not mean the absence of any feelings.

Kids are also able to have love and tenderness. At first, these feelings are projected only on close people, and then on friends and girlfriends of the child. So cute “smack-smack” on the cheek or even on the sponge is a kind of rehearsal for real adult feelings. Moreover, these are really manifestations of the development of child sexuality.

Child sexuality

The first sexual interest (interest in the opposite sex) in a healthy child appears at the age of three to six years. This is a period of active knowledge of the world, including your own body. Therefore, children, aware of their gender identity, show a natural interest in the device of the body of representatives of the opposite sex. Olnim of the ways of knowing and can be kisses.

From here, games for doctors or hospitals known to all adults, peeping, provocative questions. Right or wrong, no psychologist, teacher or doctor will tell you exactly. However, no one will advise to stop such curiosity on the vine either.

Experts believe that it is necessary to satisfy children's curiosity and explain the difference between the sexes to children in a simple and accessible way. And in general, it is necessary to begin sex education at the very moment when the child takes the first interest in this topic.

How do parents react to children's kisses?

If you see how children kiss, do not panic, much less do not scold your child. You should not even intervene if the kisses do not cause protest from the other child.

Your intervention may adversely affect the child's psyche, cause a really unhealthy interest of the child to the topic of sex (after all, the forbidden fruit is sweet!). Prohibitions and punishments can be the impetus for early sexual contact in adolescence and sexual disorders in adulthood.

Therefore, in such a situation it is better for you to become an independent observer or a good adviser. Unobtrusive intervention is permissible only in the case when the child does not like wooing with kisses by the kindergarten groom or bride.

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