How do people dance?

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How do people dance?

Dance is one of the most ancient arts. With it, people express their emotions - joy or sadness. Depending on the mood at the moment a person dances a certain dance.

Dance characteristics

The main characteristics of the dance are rhythm, dynamics, drawing, technique.

  • Rhythm is a quick or slow repetition of movements.
  • Dynamics - this is the intensity of movement, manifested in different variations.
  • A drawing is a collection of different movements.
  • Technique is a certain degree of possession of the body.

Depending on the combination of these characteristics, dances come in different styles.

Dance styles

There are many different styles of dance:

  • Ballet is a performance that is accompanied by music. Ballet is a stage dance.
  • Ballroom dance is a dance intended for the dancers themselves, not for the audience, unlike ballet. It is performed by a couple or a large number of people. There are the following ballroom dances - waltz, mazurka, cancan, blues, foxtrot, etc. You can learn more about the waltz in the article How to dance a waltz.
  • Folk dance is a dance that contains movements and rhythms, as well as costumes traditional for a particular area. Often the performers of this dance hold household accessories or folk musical instruments.
  • The historical dance is the dances of the past, which are performed in the present tense. When performing such dances, historical costumes belonging to a specific era are used. Historical dances are jig, branle, chaconne, ballot, seahorse, rigodon, minuet, burret, polonaise, quadrille and others.
  • Pop dance is a modern dance, a small dance scene. Most often, this dance is entertaining.
  • Modern dance is the direction of modern choreography abroad. The basic principles are a rejection of traditions and canons. A kind of modern dance is hip-hop. You can learn more about it in the article How to Hip-Hop.
  • Club dance is a modern dance that brings together many different directions. Dance it, of course, in the club.
  • Street dance is a fashionable dance trend that combines many dance styles. Dance this dance on the street, in the courtyards, that is, outside the studios and clubs.

Now you know what dance styles exist, and now let's find out how people dance.

How are people dancing now?

Of course, most often people choose club dances, as well as modern. At a disco or in a club with the help of such dances a person can relax or have fun. How to dance in such places can be found in our articles How to dance in a disco and How to dance in a club.

However, those people who are fond of dancing are also engaged in studios of ballroom or folk dances, as well as pop dance. In special studios, attention is paid to the analysis of dance elements, as well as the expression of emotions and improvisation.

Now there are many different dance studios that teach different styles and styles of dance. You just have to choose.

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