How do you know if you have asthma?

Remember if your family has asthma. Often the disease is hereditary. Or do you have a tendency to allergies? In these cases, especially listen to your body.
The forerunner of asthma can be a constant runny nose. Remember how often it occurs in you, how long it takes, is there a chronic form? In this case, medication treatment does not cause relief.
Watch your condition after a cold. With developing asthma, a dry cough remains that the drugs did not work on. Intensive cough manifests itself at night and morning.
Watch your body temperature. In asthma, it is not characteristic, but its increase may indicate a course of another disease with similar symptoms.
Listen to your body. Asthma is ascertained after an abrupt onset of an attack (sudden rhinitis, itching through the body, heaviness in the chest, wheezing). At this point, sit down, leaning forward. This will facilitate the expansion of the bronchi.The attack can last for minutes, and maybe for hours.
Always carry drugs that affect the bronchi. It is necessary to get the necessary medicine only after consultation with the general practitioner.

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