How interesting to celebrate 16 years?

The 16th anniversary is undoubtedly the first step towards adulthood. This is a time of independence, responsibility, and accumulation of the first life experience. That is why teenagers dream loudly and brightly to note this period of transition. If you are ready to give your maturing child a real holiday, then our tips and ideas are just for you.

No longer baby

Many parents really find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that the child is no longer the little crying little ball and not the eternal why. And hands often reach for a holiday with funny animators at the head. The main thing is to stop in time and start preparing, always consulting with your son or daughter. After all, the closest relatives and friends will be invited to the holiday, and therefore everything must be clearly planned and beautifully organized.

How can you celebrate the coming 16 years, and what options to offer a teenager?

  • Holiday at home. If your child loves home gatherings with the family at a large table, then feel free to start preparing.Attract all family members to this, and a festive atmosphere will reign in your home long before your birthday.

Decorate the room with paper garlands, order balls, build a photozone, and, as an option, create a mini-gallery where guests can be touched by how your child has grown up. Do not forget about the festive crackers, cake and, possibly, salute.

  • Picnic. If a teenager asks to celebrate his holiday with friends, do not be upset. This does not mean that he is ready to exchange family for friends, just in their company he feels more confident and relaxed. Invite them to go on a picnic. Fun games and competitions in nature, delicious dishes on the grill, a relaxed atmosphere - a great option.
  • Aquapark. This is where you can have fun till you drop. Even adults at first glance, girls and boys like all kinds of slides, and relax with a drink in your hand you can in the jacuzzi or bar on the "shore" of the pool. After such an active holiday, feel free to send the company to a cafe or restaurant, which, as a rule, has all self-respecting water parks.
  • Night party. Surely, all teenagers dream of such a thing.But, unfortunately, not all parents allow it to be organized. But after all, 16 years is a period of assuming the first serious responsibility, so why not review our rules and not give the child a bit more freedom? Choose a summer terrace in a country cafe where you can have a party, invite a DJ and make a buffet table. This option will not only be interesting to the company of adolescents, but also will appeal to parents who are worried about their safety. It remains only to agree on the time in which they come for you or a taxi.
  • Paintball. Great idea for a company of guys. Here you can and run, and shoot, and throw out the accumulated energy. A real vacation for real men.
  • Spa salon. Almost every teenage girl dreams of such a birthday. Give her the opportunity to feel truly adult in the company of girlfriends. Massage, sauna, and other pleasant and useful procedures will please the young ladies.
  • After such a relaxation, it is definitely wrong to eat. Therefore, we suggest either to go to the nearest café-bakery, where you can drink tea with dessert, or to invite the girl’s company to go home, where they will have to wait for a table with light snacks.

Every child, no matter how many years he is performing, wants his birthday to be unforgettable, bright and cheerful. And while he does not organize it himself, you can turn the childhood dream into reality. In fact, it is not difficult at all. Enjoy your holiday!

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