How is the lipolysis procedure?

Women and girls who suffer from such problems as overweight and cellulite are constantly looking for effective methods to combat these shortcomings.

To keep an elegant figure, both in youth and in much more mature age, is not an easy task, especially for those people who have a predisposition to gain extra pounds and folds.

And when ordinary diets do not help, and physical exertion brings continuous suffering, and not at all a positive result, we begin to look for more effective and serious methods of body correction. Lipolysis is one of such procedures, which has been successfully used for many years to eliminate excess fat deposits, as well as to combat cellulite.

Features of the procedure

In principle, it is possible to achieve the onset of lipolysis, which is understood as the process of splitting fat cells, with the help of proper nutrition and various cosmetic procedures, such as massages and wraps.

However, as you know, a diet requires a lot of exposure, which is not subject to everyone, and cosmetic procedures, although they give effect, but it does not always meet expectations. Everyone wants to turn into a slim beauty almost instantly, in which, in essence, the lipolysis procedure, which is carried out by a specialist in aesthetic medicine centers, can help.

Here you can offer several basic types of procedures: vacuum, injection, ultrasound and laser lipolysis. Depending on the degree of neglect of the problem areas, as well as the characteristics of the body, the specialist should choose the most effective for the particular case.

By the way, the procedure of lipolysis in plastic surgery is even used to treat certain diseases. Do not forget that this is the method that helps to get rid of excess fat deposits, but not a panacea for dealing with extra pounds.

In other words, it is an effective method to remove fat on those parts of the body, such as the stomach, chin, sides or inner thighs, which are not amenable to correction by conventional means, for example, nutrition, sports, and even regular liposuction.


In other words, this is a well-known vacuum massage, which is an effective method of dealing with cellulite and very small fat deposits only at the very initial stages of their formation. During this period, the connective tissue is not fully formed, which makes it quite easy to get rid of it with the help of special cosmetic procedures.

Vacuum massage is carried out directly on the problem areas, where, as a result, the blood supply improves and the lymph flow strengthens, the cells are more actively saturated with oxygen, which leads to an increase in muscle tone. The disadvantage of this procedure may be its relative pain, however, the effect often justifies all expectations.


It is called the most popular of the existing methods of lipolysis. The whole point is the introduction of special injections into the body, which contribute to the stimulation of metabolic processes. Such substances are produced by the body itself, although sometimes in insufficient quantities.

Injections prevent the formation of fat deposits, as well as stimulate the processes of burning them, resulting in a sufficiently effective process of losing weight and body shaping.The procedure itself is carried out by inserting a needle under the skin to a depth of about 12 mm; usually these areas are anesthetized beforehand. The number of necessary injections is assigned depending on the complexity of the situation.


This method differs from the previous one in that it acts on the body without damaging the surface of the skin. Ultrasonic lipolysis has a very wide range of applications, has become very popular due to its effectiveness and quick results.

The procedure is performed using a special tube, which emits ultrasonic waves at different frequencies and, thereby, affects the speed of movement of fat molecules. This method allows you to work not only on the surface layers, but also on very deep fat deposits.

Ultrasound therapy is often prescribed in conjunction with other weight loss measures, usually it is carried out three times a week for 3 weeks, as a result of which an effective reduction in body fat and cellulite is observed.


The procedure is performed using a cold laser lipolysis apparatus, which is injected directly under the skin.At the moment, it is considered the most effective and natural way to remove accumulated fat deposits.

A tube with a diameter of 11 mm produces fat, which is released by laser radiation, usually the duration of such a procedure is about 2 hours. Most often, only one session is enough to see a striking effect, while a person does not expect a long and painful recovery period.

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