How it was: the son of Podolsk and Presnyakov was one year old

On June 5, a well-known star couple, whose strong relationship was envied by the whole show business, was immediately celebrated by two family holidays: the anniversary of the wedding day and the year for their son Artemia.

The fact that these two events coincided is pure coincidence! It turns out that the younger Presnyakov was to be born on June 10, but he chose to be born on June 5, 2015. On this day, Natalia and Vladimir celebrated the fifth wedding anniversary. Most likely, the baby decided to personally congratulate the parents on this important anniversary for their family.

Podolskaya herself told about this, publishing a photo on Instagram on June 5, 2016 and signing it (the author’s spelling and punctuation preserved):“Today at 6.41 am the most long-awaited beloved native boy was born — our son Artem Presnyakov smiled! He did everything at once as I wanted! He was born on our anniversary with @ presnyakovvladimir wedding☺️. Although was born on June 10th.Born and turned our lives! As in the @dubtsova_official song, now all thoughts are only about him and him. About him and about him ... And this is forever! Thanks for this! Health and happiness!"

Later, the 34-year-old singer posted two more photos, which show that Artemy’s birthday passed in a big way, albeit at home. Parents decorated the house with festive balloons in white-blue-yellow color scheme, among which the huge blue figure 1 became the main ball. Not without a cake, of course: according to Natalia, the guests “rumbled with pleasure” while enjoying a two-story delicacy.

By the way, among the invited guests were colleagues on the stage, singer Julianna Karaulova and boyfriend Andrei Cherny, singer Mila Mitvol, singer Jan Daineko and, of course, twin sister Natalia Julianna Podolskaya. By the way, very soon a similar event will come to her family - the year to twin daughters.

Recall that the singer Vladimir Presnyakov-ml. and the Star Factory graduate under the direction of Alla Pugacheva Natalya Podolskaya met 10 years ago, in June 2005, on the set of the television game show Big Races. Then their relationship began. Two years later, celebrities jokingly got married in Las Vegas, and three years later they officially married at the Griboedovsky registry office and were married.

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