How not to break when on a diet

Thoughts about a delicious cake or cake will not arise if you, having lost a few sizes in size, decide to completely update your wardrobe. In this case, you will be able to stop the fear of not stretching this magnificence after the arising gluttony attack. In the most difficult moments, a few drops of lavender oil or tea with motherwort will come to your aid.
If you want to pamper yourself with a delicious, but too high-calorie dish, try to distract yourself and take care of yourself with body and health benefits. Climb into a warm bath with sea salt or fragrant foam, light up candles and leaf through fashion magazines, on the pages of which half-naked bodies of slender beauties flaunt. Massage your skin, make a pilling or a mask. After such procedures, you will be sorry to spoil your figure with some kind of sandwich or french fries.
Try to find for yourself the pleasures that you can replace the usual pleasure from eating food.This can be self-care, frequent walks, needlework, pet care, communication with a loved one or children. Carry a bar of muesli, dried fruit or nuts without salt or sugar in your purse. This is useful if you are pulled by an irresistible force to a stall with shawarma or hamburgers. Stop yourself and have a snack with what you have in your purse.
Do not eat in front of a TV or computer, because at the moment the human brain is simply distracted from the process of absorbing food. As a result, the signal about the saturation of the stomach comes with a big delay, because you swallow food almost without chewing, not feeling its taste and not breathing in the aroma. Eat at the table and it is desirable to have a mirror in front of it, which will reflect your dinner and appetite. Look at yourself from the side.
Twenty minutes before a meal, drink a glass of warm water, so you will not overeat, as the illusion of saturation will be created. Change the dishes in the kitchen, the plates should be of small diameter. So you will eat less, and the stomach will be saturated with less food. Less salt or not salt at all.

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