How to arrange a wedding in the Ukrainian style?

The organization of a wedding is, of course, troublesome and responsible. But after all such efforts are very pleasant and simply can not be burdened! There are lots of options for such a celebration! But if you want to organize a wedding in the Ukrainian style, then very soon you will learn how to do it.

Sunflower symbolic

How to hold a wedding in the Ukrainian style?

So, how to organize a wedding in the Ukrainian style? There are many important moments and details, it is extremely important not to forget anything. Below we will tell more about everything.

How to invite guests?

You can do without a dress

In order for the guests to immediately understand that a traditional Ukrainian wedding is being planned, it is also necessary to issue invitations in the Ukrainian style. These can be scrolls or small sheets of paper decorated with traditional ornaments, such as black-and-white flowers or sunflowers. The text itself can be written in Ukrainian, it will also be very symbolic.

Where to hold the wedding?


Pay special attention to the venue of the celebration.Of course, in the cold season, the choice is small, so take care of renting a restaurant or cafe in advance. But in the summer it is best to go to nature, this will allow you to feel the scope of the celebration and enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air.

Room decoration

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Decor plays a very important role, since it is he who sets the basic style. Here is what can be used to decorate the room:

  • Ceramic or clay pots with wildflowers can be placed on the tables, which will fill the room with wonderful aroma.
  • Be sure to use bright satin ribbons. You can hang them on the walls or even on the ceiling. The more tapes there are, the brighter the decor will be.
  • Tablecloths on the tables must certainly be decorated with drawings, traditional for the Ukrainian style.
  • On chairs instead of covers it is possible to spread embroidered hand-handles with national patterns.
  • Use more wildflowers. So, you can weave many, many wreaths and hang them on the walls.
  • Be sure to use sunflowers, such bright flowers are a symbol of light, wealth and warmth.
  • National toys or amulet dolls made of straw, fabric or threads will also be appropriate.By the way, each such doll or toy placed on the table can be attached with a sign indicating the name of the guest, so that it would be easier for everyone to orient themselves and take their place.
  • Use clay crafts and dishes, such attributes for the Ukrainian style are also traditional.
  • On the tables you can arrange outlandish crafts, cobbled together from dough.
  • Remember that it's best to implement the design in several traditional tones: blue, yellow, red and blue.

Images of the bride and groom


  • Traditionally, brides in Ukraine wore fluffy layered skirts, embroidered with bright colors and national patterns. Also mandatory attribute was a red satin belt. The girl wore a white shirt, which was also embroidered in the Ukrainian style. On the head of a young man stood a wreath of wild flowers, to which ribbons were fastened. But instead of such a dress, you can choose a wedding fluffy dress. It must be embroidered and girded with a bright red ribbon. Shoe can be bright red Cossack boots. Do not forget to put on and bright big beads, which Ukrainian ladies always loved and certainly love to this day.As for hair, the traditional long been a long braid, into which weaving ribbons or flowers. Makeup should also be special. No bright shadows with glitter. Everything should be as natural as possible. You can emphasize the lips and eyebrows. Sponge red lipstick, eyebrows, draw a black or dark brown pencil. If the skin is pale, use a rouge, but not bright.
  • The dress of the groom can consist of a wide shirt, girded with a red ribbon, and a trousers. On the feet were traditionally worn boots. Also, if desired, the groom can put on a hat. But if this option does not suit the young man, he can choose a regular suit by placing a sunflower in his pocket.

Wedding procession

The best transport for a Ukrainian wedding is, of course, a cart with horses. So if you have such an opportunity, choose this option. Decorate horses and carts with ribbons, flowers and bows.


But if the horses have nowhere to take, then you can choose ordinary cars. As decoration, it is better to use bright satin ribbons, sunflowers or other wild flowers. On the hood, you can mount the towel. Rings and pigeons would also be appropriate, but this is a more modern option.

The bride's bouquet


Bridal bouquet should consist of wildflowers.For decor, you can use ribbons, stems of the viburnum. Previously, the bride instead of the usual bouquet used a wreath, woven with her own hand and with love. You can do the same, but a simple bouquet is fine.



It is not necessary to include only Ukrainian songs, they can not all guests like. Most importantly, the songs were fun, dance and incendiary. But in order to support Ukrainian traditions, ask the DJ to include Ukrainian compositions as well.

Ukrainian table

Ukrainian food

What should be the menu of the Ukrainian wedding? This is what should definitely be on the table:

  • Red borsch It is best to cook it in meat, and before serving you will certainly need to sprinkle such a dish with sour cream.
  • Vareniki. They are served hot and with sour cream.
  • From ancient times at weddings served a delicious roast.
  • You can also file kartoplyaniki or deruny.
  • A traditional dish is cabbage rolls, which will certainly delight guests.
  • Jelly can be a great cold snack.
  • Be sure to chop lard, ham, sausage.
  • As for drinks, you can offer guests Ukrainian vodka, wine, various liqueurs, as well as compote and kvass.
  • Cake can be decorated with berries of viburnum.In any case, it should be big (Ukrainian people are generous) and beautiful. As decoration used flowers and ribbons, which may well be edible.

Traditions and rites


No Ukrainian wedding can do without traditional traditions handed down from generation to generation. Here are some of them:

  1. Bride price. The groom approached the house with his friends, who had to complete the tasks of the bride's girlfriends and offer a good ransom. If the friends arranged such a ransom, they gave the young one, after which everyone went to the registry office.
  2. Meeting with loaf. Parents hold a tray with a loaf (the loaf should be placed on the embroidered handbrake) and meet the young ones. The bride and groom should bite off a piece.
  3. Removal of the veil. Traditionally her mother-in-law should take pictures of her, such a rite symbolized the adoption of the bride to the family. After that, the bride danced and let her friends try on her veil.
  4. Farewell to girlhood. Previously, the bride was cut off the braid, but you can simply unwind it.
  5. Lighting the family hearth. Fire has always symbolized comfort and warmth. According to the tradition, the mothers of the bride and groom, who were the guardians of the hearth of the past generation, lit a candle and passed it on to a new family.
  6. The bride should certainly throw her bouquet unmarried girlfriends.
  7. Also traditional is the cutting of the cake, which is then treated to guests.
  8. And, of course, can not do without songs, dances and fun contests.

Arrange your merry and unforgettable wedding in the Ukrainian style!

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