How to avoid cystitis after sex

Cystitis (inflammation of the washing bladder) is a disease that often develops in women after sexual intercourse.

There are several variants of such cystitis:

- postdefloration cystitis - inflammation that occurs in girls after deprivation of virginity. The mechanism of this problem is such that, due to the unpreparedness of the girl, there is little lubrication, and during frictions, excessive friction of the genital organs of the partners and bacteria and fungi from the skin occur in the urethra. Also, often the first sexual experience does not occur at all in the prepared conditions, without basic hygiene of the genitals.

Post-cystitis is a disease that develops in women who have a regular sex life.

The reason is roughly the same - friction and mechanical drift of bacteria and fungi from the skin or from the rectum into the opening of the urethra (urethra). But it is also impossible to exclude specific variants of inflammation as a result of infection with sexually transmitted infections, especially if there is a tendency to frequent change of partner and neglect of barrier contraception (condom).

Here are the main tips for the prevention of cystitis associated with sexual intercourse:

1) Hygene above all! Before and after sex you must take a shower for you and your sexual partner. It is necessary to use special means for intimate hygiene. The use of soap, shower gel, baby soap is unacceptable. They violate the acidic pH of the female genital organs, which is naturally protected from infection. It is necessary to rinse only by hand, without a washcloth, from front to back, use heat, not hot water, you can not send a stream of water inside. Do not use douching!

2) timely urination. Before intercourse, it is necessary to empty the bladder, because if it is filled, then during intercourse, the external opening of the urethra may slightly open up, which makes it easier for the infection to penetrate into the bladder.

After intercourse, even if you do not want to, but you need at least a couple of drops, but squeeze out of yourself. Urination is a natural mechanical defense against bacteria and fungi, sterile urine washes away all pathogens from the walls.

3) it is necessary to wear underwear made of natural materials, not too cramped, so that it does not rub.

4) if during sexual intercourse you use intimate toys, they must also be clean.

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