How to avoid prostatitis

In addition to diseases of the urogenital system, prostatitis can be provoked by any other infection against the background of decreased immunity and other "favorable" factors. For example, chronic bronchitis or caries can be a source of bacteria during hypothermia. Do not allow the dormant foci of infection in the body and take care of yourself during the cold season - wear warm underwear and avoid prolonged stay in the cold or in an unheated room.
Provoking factors for developmentprostatitisare sedentary and sedentary work. Prolonged venous congestion in the pelvis increases the risk of infection in the prostate gland, and also creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms and the occurrence of the inflammatory process. Take breaks in work, get up every hour and move, for example, squat. Every day, walk on foot, in quick strides for 40-60 minutes.Enroll in the pool, gym - regular exercise will significantly reduce the risk of disease.
Regular sex reduces the risk of bacteria multiplying. With good sexual activity, the secret of the prostate is constantly updated and the blood supply to the pelvic organs is improved. Have sex at least two or three times a week, but do not forget about the risk of infection with sexually transmitted infections. If you do not have a permanent partner, use a condom.
Watch your diet. Avoid strong alcoholic drinks, drinking more than three cups of coffee a day, spicy and smoked food. All these foods and beverages provoke an exacerbation of urinary infections. Avoid constipation, they lead to chronic venous stasis in the pelvis. Include in your daily diet raw vegetables and fruits.
Follow the simple rules of an active and rational lifestyle and avoid unnecessary risks. This will protect you from inflammation of the prostate gland.

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