How to beat your head?

A header is quite simple to perform, but it requires knowledge of the basic rules, since not every hit will be safe and effective.

Correct headers

In spite of the fact that the skull is formed by a very strong hardy bone, it is very easy to harm yourself with a poorly built head-kick. That is why it is necessary to beat the head, always taking into account several simple but extremely important rules.

  • Beat not by direct movement, but tangentially. In this case, the risk of a concussion for the attacker is less.
  • The blow is performed by the upper part of the forehead - that is, the place where the bone forms a sloping protrusion (just above the hairline begins). So you, first of all, are less likely to get all the same concussion, and secondly, you are not afraid to break eyebrows.
  • Fix the neck - if the head “hangs out” on your shoulders, you will receive serious injuries that directly threaten your health and even life.
  • When you strike, do not forget to strain the abdominal muscles, because they are responsible for the forward flow of the body, the force of the blow.

Where and when to beat his head

In principle, you can beat the head anywhere in the body. However, the most effective will be getting into the head. In this case, give preference:

  • zones of the nose and eyebrows - you will achieve a very tangible pain effect for the enemy, and therefore for some time you will disable it.
  • lower jaw (beat from the side, bottom), cheekbones - such strokes will, for example, get out of the clinch.

Using this technique, you need to understand that having hit the wrong way, you can not only permanently cripple or even kill a person, but also endanger your life and health. That is why it is worth hitting with the head only in the most critical situations when there is no other opportunity to effectively disable the enemy.

Where should not beat his head

  • It is necessary to abandon the blows in the teeth, head to head, in the temples. In the first case, you can seriously injure the skin of your face. In the second - you either will not achieve any effect, or together with the enemy will earn a concussion. In the third - you can kill a person.
  • Chest. A striking example is the already legendary kick of Zinedine Zidane during the World Cup in 2006. Despite the fact that the blow to the sternum is very effective, it can cause much more significant consequences for the health of the enemy than you expected.Among them are pneumothorax (accumulation of air in the pleural cavity) and hemothorax (accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity). That is, such a blow threatens a person with respiratory and heart rhythm disturbances, the formation of serious subcutaneous emphysema.
  • Stomach. For security reasons, for the enemy, give up the blows to the solar plexus, which are also often fraught with death.

The Importance Of Training For Headers

Learning to beat your head correctly is only half the battle, because you still need to prepare your body for this technique so as not to provoke a serious dislocation of the cervical vertebrae.

So focus on three points:

  • Fix the neck;
  • Train press;
  • Practice all tricks to perfection to eliminate any undesirable consequences for yourself or your opponent. It is advisable to do this under the control of a martial arts master.

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