How to become popular in the classroom

Impeccable appearance should be a major part of your image. Clothing, hairstyle and all school supplies should be clean and tidy. Carefully ironed clothing and shoes polished to a shine add special gloss to the appearance. Create your own image in the classroom super neat, which is not indifferent to any trifle.
Character manifested in the details. Think carefully about the makeup, emphasizing its natural beauty, but try to make it invisible. Your wardrobe should meet the school atmosphere and the requirements of teachers. Do not seek to stand out due to the bright make-up and defiant clothing. Much more attractive will look strict form with minor elements that emphasize personal individuality. They can be a variety of accessories such as watches, hairpins, chains with pendants or bracelets. In this case, you will not be different from your classmates without violating the laws of the school.
Be fun and cheerful.A sullen man, prone to looking for flaws in everything, cannot attract everyone's attention. Everyone likes optimistic people with a sense of humor. Make jokes often, laugh and smile. Look at life positively and show your positive emotions in the classroom, focusing on the positive. Encourage classmates to optimism and the need to believe in their opportunities and victory. People usually appreciate support and a positive attitude.
Show your best qualities and be confident. Confident and capable individuals simply can not remain invisible. Each person internally gives an assessment to his partner and, if he sees in him the individual abilities and traits of a leader, he is unable to ignore it. Such a person will undoubtedly cause authority in the person of those around him and win everyone's attention. Do not hide your talents and share your knowledge with classmates.
Constantly strive for excellence and expand your horizons, skills and abilities. Read more specialized and comprehensive literature. The encyclopedia man delights with his versatile knowledge and curiosity.It is always interesting to communicate with him, and they listen to him with “open mouths”. This happens only because not everyone wants to devote enough time to their own self-development, but everyone wants to learn something new. Do not regret wasting time and effort on improving your personality, and popularity in the class will undoubtedly come to you.

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