How to behave during a volcanic eruption

You will need
  • - drinking water;
  • - provisions;
  • - medicines;
  • - special clothes and shoes;
  • - glasses;
  • - respirator.
Be based on what’s coming uperuptionvolcano, near which you are, you can find out in advance. Modern forecasting methods allow you to capture the changes that occur withinvolcanoand anticipate a spontaneous event, and inform local residents and authorities about this. Usually, a temperature regime and the chemical composition of water and geyser vapors change before a disaster, earthquakes occur, accompanied by underground rumble.
Constantly replenish supplies of drinking water and medicines. Keep track of the expiration date of drugs. Stocks provisions will also be relevant. In case of eruptionvolcanoPrepare special clothing, preferably of flame retardant materials, shoes with hard soles. Regardless of the time of year, clothing should be warm.Purchasespecial glasses (you can use glasses for diving) and a respirator. Pay attention to the strengthening of windows and doors.
Of course, the best and only defense against volcanic eruptions is evacuation. Therefore, in advance, study the plan that will orient you in an extreme situation and help you calmly act, obey and help the authorities. Keep all documents handy. Listen carefully to the radio.
When raging elements do not panic and calm down. Try to get to the shelter as quickly as possible. Do not use cellars and cellars. Otherwise, a layer of ash and dirt will fill up your shelter.
If you are in your home, close all doors and windows. Turn off the air conditioners. Emerging shock wave fromvolcanocan hurt you by breaking windows. Therefore, be located in the depths of the room.
Prepare wet towels or napkins that will be needed to go outside to provide assistance or other urgent needs.
Do not attempt to use the car. Keep in mind that the ashes and debris block it, reduce visibility, making movement on the routes very dangerous.Leave the car and try to get to the shelter as quickly as possible.
Be extremely careful and cautious after the eruption. The consequences of a disaster can be no less catastrophic. The danger is represented by bare electric wires, broken pipes of gas and water. Burning ashes can cause fires. Therefore, if possible, stay in the building until the rescuers arrive. In case of severe destruction and a connection break, this may take a sufficient amount of time.
Make sure that the room in which you are located is not exposed to fire due to burning debris. As soon as possible start to get rid of the ashes provoking the collapse of the building. Check the condition of the doors and windows. Make sure they close. As soon as possible, invite a special maintenance service to assess the stability of the room.

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