How to behave passenger

Do not be late for the departure of the train. The conductor on the platform checks tickets and passports and 5 minutes before departure asks the guides to leave the car. Take your seat, place your luggage on the special upper shelves or under the lower seat. After the departure of the train, the conductor will collect travel documents, so do not remove them. If the cost of bed linen is not included in the ticket price, pay the necessary amount to the conductor. If you need a document certifying payment for bed linen, ask him to the conductor.
Arrive at the airport before the end of the check-in time. It usually starts 3 hours before take-off on international flights and 2 hours on domestic flights, and ends 40 minutes before departure. Provide your airline employee with a ticket or a printed itinerary receipt and passport. Insurance policy, hotel booking confirmation can be removed. Pass the baggage, in case of exceeding the permissible weight, pay an additional fee.After registering for an international flight, go to the customs control zone. There you need to remove outerwear, belts and shoes for inspection. In the plane, take your seat, it is written on the boarding pass, place your hand luggage in the special compartment above the seat.
Smoke only in designated areas. In the airport building, special zones are equipped for this, on the platform of the station you can smoke at an urn. Do not smoke on the plane, even if the flight time is several hours. On the train, you can smoke in the vestibule and during stops. Beforehand ask the conductor how long it will be to stop.
Remember that drinking alcohol in trains and airplanes is prohibited. This also applies to alcohol purchased in Duty Free, all bottles must be placed in bags and sealed. If you opened the package, the contents may be withdrawn, at Russian airports they look at it through their fingers, but in Europe they take it seriously. Drinks purchased from flight attendants or railway employees can be consumed on the train and on the plane.
Do not disturb other passengers at night.In the train at 11 pm, the lights are muffled, it will help you navigate in time. If you need time to pack up, ask a flight attendant or stewardess to wake you up before arriving at the destination station or landing airport.
Remember that in the trains that are not equipped with dry closets, the sanitary zone is observed. This means that before arriving at the station, the toilet will be closed, and only open some time after departure. Keep in mind that a queue may form before arriving at the end station and in front of large cities. Each car has 2 toilets, they are in front of the compartment of conductors and in the tail section. Trains plying to Europe are equipped with showers. Airplanes have several toilets, they are usually located in the front, middle and rear of the cabin.
Do not scatter garbage, food wrappers. In the train, all this can be placed in a container located near the toilet in the tail end of the car. In an airplane, flight attendants pass through the cabin several times with a special trolley, you can give them garbage.
Do not panic if an unexpected situation occurs. Follow the instructions of flight attendants and guides, help others.Pre-read the safety instructions, in the plane it is located in the pocket in front of the seat.

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