How to block a phone number?

Are you bored with calls from a certain subscriber, and you do not want him to bother you? Do you dream to define your own social circle? If yes, then today there is a decent answer to the question: how to block the phone number of an undesirable interlocutor so that he can no longer reach you. Everything is simple and straightforward, the four main mobile operators in Russia - MTS, Beeline, Megafon and Tele2 have a certain service called the “Black List”. All you need to do is connect it to your mobile phone, add any desired numbers to the restrictive list and enjoy peace and quiet. The subscriber at the other end of the line will hear the answering machine phrases that the line is busy or the subscriber's device is turned off.


So, let's take a closer look at the terms of how to block the MTS phone number. The “Black List” service is activated absolutely free of charge; you can also do this by calling the Operator's Reference Service. And also with the help of a certain key combination of your mobile phone - * 111 * 442 # KPV, where KPV is the call sending key.This option is available for a monthly fee of 1, 5 rubles per day and allows you to add up to 300 unwanted numbers to the list. You can add new numbers in your personal account on the site, with the help of an operator or SMS, and you can also set time intervals, hours or days of the week when calls will be blocked. However, unfortunately, block SMS and MMS from annoying people will not work.


By and large, in terms of how to block a Beeline phone number, there is little difference from the conditions of the previous operator. The name of the service is similar - “Black list”, it also operates, however, only about 40 numbers can be added to the list. True, the operator makes it possible to add city, as well as long-distance and international numbers. What is not a great way to hide from the mother-in-law, who does not have a cell phone?

The cost of connection is 15 rubles, if the operator of the Help Desk connects, in other cases, for example, the key combination * 110 * 771 * number of the undesired subscriber # KPV is free. The fee for the option is 1 ruble per day, besides, adding each new number is 5 rubles and viewing all calls from the blacklist participants is 5 rubles per day.


If you are a subscriber to the third largest operator in Russia, then you also have an answer as to how to block the phone number of Megaphone. Just connect the service with the non-original name “Black List”, under the terms of which the company offers its subscribers to limit dialing to your number for 300 numbers of mobile and fixed line subscribers in the Russian Federation and other countries for 1 ruble a day. You can add a service by dialing a combination on the keypad of a mobile phone - * 130 # KPV, as well as by a call to the operator of the Help service.

Tele 2

Tele2 voiced its proposal on how to block someone else’s phone number, perhaps the first, back in 2011. The subscription fee is 90 kopecks per day, and the cost of inclusion of one number in the list is 1.5 rubles. Also, it is worth noting that the volume of the list of subscribers Tele2 offers the smallest - only 30 numbers.

However, the company - the only one on the market - promises to block, besides calls, also SMS, which in some cases can be useful. You can activate the service by calling the Help Desk operator or by pressing the * 220 * 1 * number of the unwanted # KPV subscriber, and adding the first participant to the list by your number will also add the service.Thus, it doesn’t matter at which operator you are serviced, in any case you can connect to yourself an inexpensive service and get rid of annoying and annoying calls, from whom they would not come to your number.

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