How to block the phone Beeline in 2018

You will need
  • - mobile phone
  • - landline phone
  • - the Internet
  • - paper
  • - a pen
  • - passport
  • - know the TIN number and legal address of the organization (for legal entities)
To block the numberBeelineregistered to an individual, dial 0611 from your mobile and follow the system prompts. This method is suitable for those subscribers who call from their own number that needs to be blocked.
Also, you can block the number via the Internet. To do this, get a password to the system "MyBeeline"Located on the operator’s website, dialing withphonea * 110 * 9 # and pressing the "Call" key. After receiving the password via SMS, enter your personal account using the numberphonea and existing password. In the system menu, find the item “Number lock” and use this service.
If your ownphonelost, then use the stationary device and call 8 (495) 974-88-88 or just go to any office of the operator. Addresses of the nearest pointsBeelinecan be found on the official website of the operator.When contacting, be sure to tell the reason for blocking the number. EmployeeBeelinewill help you make the necessary operations and tell you how to quickly restore the old number.
If you are blocking a number using a call to the contact center or a visit to the officeBeeline, then be ready to give your passport details if the number is registered to you, or the TIN and the legal address of the organization that ownsphone. Without confirmation of this information you will not be able to block the number.
In some cases, you may be asked to write an application addressed to VimpelCom. To apply for blocking the number, download the necessary form from the official site. In the application, indicate the series, number, date and place of issue of the passport or the name of the organization, if you act on its behalf.
Be sure to include the blocking term, the reason for this operation and the number that you will temporarily not use.

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