How to book a hotel in Poland

You will need
  • - the Internet;
  • - bank card;
  • - Email.
Book a hotel in Poland, you can use various online resources. The most famous resource is It is possible to book many hotels on it without upfront costs, and it is possible to cancel a reservation several days before the expected arrival without any commission.
On any of these sites, select the city in which you want to stay. If your plans include visiting several cities in Poland, start with the first one. Specify the dates on which you plan to be in the selected city. Determine how many rooms you need, as well as how many people you need to occupy.
On each resource, you are offered to choose additional parameters to search for a more suitable hotel according to your means and goals. Mark the required "star" booked hotel in Poland, as well as additional services.They include, for example, transfer to the hotel, non-smoking rooms, wireless Internet, etc. Pets are a special line. Many hotels allow their accommodation at no extra charge. But about arrival with a pet warn the hotel immediately when booking a room.
In Europe, there are many hotels in which it is forbidden to smoke. Pay particular attention to this hotel information. If it is stated that “non-smoking visitors only”, choose another place to stay. Violation of hotel rules is subject to a fine.
Pay attention to the reviews of tourists who have already visited the selected hotel in Poland. Do not be lazy to scroll through the list of reviews, as well as look at the hotel information on the Internet. Subsequently, it will save your nerves and, possibly, money.
Specify whether the indicated value includes VAT (for example, in Warsaw it is 8%), as well as a service charge for service. Also check out the cancellation policy if necessary. Many hotels in Poland allow you to cancel a reservation without collecting a non-payment.
Enter all the necessary data in the special fields for booking a hotel.Specify the correct contact information, name and surname, as well as a credit card number that will serve as a guarantor of your reservation. Carefully read the rules of payment. Sometimes hotels immediately freeze a certain amount on your account. But most often, payment is made at the hotel upon arrival.
Print the reservation sheet, which came to your mail. If you need additional information, please contact the hotel directly by email or by phone.

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