How to break a relationship


The situation sometimes develops in such a way that, despite all your efforts to desire and do good to your beloved, relationships break off. People get divorced. Lovers part. Friends are arguing. Relatives stop communicating. Some parting can be prevented, while others - not. Sometimes the gap is beneficial, sometimes not. But partings happen at every turn. And you - a person who knows how to love - need to come to terms with this reality, accept it.


If a loved one tells you that he wants to leave you, you should let him go. I will not dissemble: it is painful. If you love a person, care for him, when he leaves you, your heart breaks. But if you hold it, manipulate it, it will only get worse. Forcibly cute will not. To keep a person who does not want to be with you is not love. Even if the beloved one remains, he will be with you in the body, but not in the soul. Yes, and loneliness settles in your soul, although formally you will not be alone. Your partner’s heart will be far away from you. So relationships are not built.Letting go of a loved one, allowing him to make an independent decision, whatever it is, is the only way a loving person can do that hopes for a positive outcome, but accepts reality.


Consider: you are not helpless. I do not convince you to be a fatalist and sit back. Remember how Joy struggled for her relationship with her husband? Fight and you. Spare no time. But in the end, let your loved one know that he has complete freedom of choice. So does God Himself. He allows us to act on our own free will. I have seen many times: if there is a hope to save the relationship, then it is realized only when the loved one understands: if he really wants to leave, he will be released. And he pauses to think about the final decision. At the same time, he focuses precisely on the decision; he does not have to fight for his own freedom and against control on your part.


There is another very important aspect. Sometimes for a person your absence becomes more beneficial than your presence. That is, there are situations when you better leave your loved one alone.


For example, you realized that you are not the best candidate for a leadership position in your organization, and decided to refuse it.Or you meet a girl who stays with you only out of a sense of duty, and in her life there is a person who suits her much more than you. In this case, for the sake of the beloved's favor, you should do something that from the outside seems unnatural and unreasonable: to leave. It hurts. And the more you love, the harder you will be. But such an act will force you to become higher than yourself, in practice, to show that our definition of love - the desire to do good to your neighbor and the fulfillment of this desire - is effective. When you wish your neighbor the good, sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

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