How to brush your ears properly in adults and children

Personal hygiene for each person is in the first place. It is important to keep your body clean and your ears are no exception. To clean the external auditory passages at first glance, the occupation is simple.

Treat your ears regularly, but be careful not to harm the middle ear. Details on how to properly clean the ears at home, I will tell in this article.

Preparation and precautions

Before embarking on hygiene procedures, it is important to know that the ear is an organ that can self-clean. Excessive efforts can bring not good, but harm.

Forewarned is forearmed. Check out what symptoms may occur if the inner ear is damaged. At the slightest suspicion is better to go to the doctor.

  • Sharp pain inside the ear.
  • Noise or extraneous sound in the head.
  • Partial hearing loss.
  • Traces of blood on a cotton swab.

Why there are sulfur fuses

Unpleasant moment when there are sulfuric plugs.From time to time you have to get rid of them. In some people, pollution occurs more often, while in others the process of sulfur production is slowed down. It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Earwax plays a protective role. It creates microflora inside the shell, which moisturizes the ear canal, and has anti-inflammatory function. When a person is healthy, it produces an amount that the body is able to clean on its own. The habit of constantly “picking” in the ear, hoping that this is a good thing, turns into a disaster.

INTERESTING! The more frequent the cleaning, the more earwax is produced.

Why clean your ears from sulfur plugs and how they are dangerous

Earwax is a necessary part of the organ of hearing. If the ear is not cleaned for a long time, a considerable amount of sulfur accumulates. Getting rid of her, a person, instead of rinsing the ear, picks it inside with a stick. In this case, sulfur is partially removed, and the rest is pushed and caked inside. This is how the well-known traffic jam is formed. The main symptom of its appearance is considered a partial hearing loss and discomfort.

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The right decision is a visit to an otolaryngologist. The doctor for 10 minutes will eliminate the problem by rinsing under pressure. The procedure is unpleasant, but painless. Some produce ears processing themselves, without worrying about the consequences.

Effective cleaning methods for adults

Water in a glass

Classic way

A simple way to clean the ear and ear canal is as follows:

  1. Wash the ear with warm water inside (as far as possible) and outside.
  2. Use cotton swabs or towels to dry.
  3. Using a cotton swab, remove sulfur residues near the entrance to the ear canal, but without going deep.
ATTENTION! Doctors recommend rinsing with warm water daily, but the sticks should be used once a week, so the ears will always remain clean and healthy.

Hydrogen peroxide

Use of hydrogen peroxide is useful. The room temperature solution is collected in a syringe (without a needle) and, taking into account your own sensations, instill 8-10 drops into each ear. After a few minutes, when the sulfur softens, it is removed with a cotton swab.

Wax candles

For cleaning, you can use special wax candles. They have the form of a long funnel stalk, which is inserted into the ear hole with a narrow end, and the other side is set on fire and waiting.When ⅔ remains from the candle, it is removed and extinguished in water, and the ear is washed and wiped dry.

Washing out

If you do not want to go to the hospital for deep cleaning every time, the procedure is carried out independently using a syringe without a needle or a small medical “pear”. Boiled water at room temperature is collected and shallowly introduced into the ear canal. Under the pressure of the water most of the sulfur comes out.

Olive oil

There are different ways to clean the ear canal. One of these methods can be called cleansing with olive oil. It is important to make sure that it is at room temperature or slightly warmer. It is enough to drip 2-3 drops in each ear. Do the procedure alternately for the right and left side, since it is necessary to lie on one or on the other side for 10 minutes. After manipulation, the auricles wash and rub dry.

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Specialized pharmaceutical preparations

The most common pharmaceutical cleaners are urea peroxide. Four tablets dissolve in 200 ml of water and wash the ears. Remo-Wax is widely used, especially for people with hearing aids. Affects earwax A-cerumen, Aquamaris-from.

How to clean the ears of traffic jams in children

Baby's ear

Auricles in children are very gentle, so they need to be cleaned carefully and carefully. Too often to carry out this procedure to anything. In addition to daily baths, it is enough to clean the entrance to the ear with a cotton swab once a week, without going deeply.

In order for the child to behave calmly, he must be distracted by something or someone. The pharmacy can buy convenient sticks with a limiter, if there is a concern in the cleaning process to harm the baby.

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If you follow all the rules, carry out the procedure in a timely manner, you can be calm about the health of the organ of hearing. For prevention and your own peace of mind, you can visit the doctor every six months.

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