How to build your speech

The preparation of any performance begins on paper or on the monitor screen. You must determine the main idea of ​​your story, the definition of keywords and phrases. Think of vivid examples, appealing to the sensual perception of a person, pleasant memories and complete on a positive note.
Having written a speech, practice reading it at home, and it’s best to know it one-on-one — so that in an unforeseen situation you can begin your story from any place without a hitch.
Advice: it is best to speak without a sheet. Speech, delivered as if from himself, improves the perception of the information submitted.
Read your speech to someone. Do not think about mistakes, mistakes improve us, think about your successes. Psychologists advise to record your good luck, and this applies not only to performances, but also to everyday life.
Remember that in order to prepare a speech you need to expand your knowledge and horizons. After all, the speaker must have the attention of the hall and respond to it.
If you lose an audience, you can make a joke on the topic, but remember! the joke must be concise, sharp and necessarily on the subject of your speech, or connected with it.
If you are not confident in your abilities, you should not take the risk, and try to draw the attention of the hall by some example, which should be prepared just in case.
Remember that people perceive the information as the first and the last minutes of speech, so try to place the main theses of your speech in these time intervals.
Speak to the audience as if you were talking to each other individually. But in order not to get lost, especially if you are new to this business, identify for yourself three people at different ends of the hall and look at them in turn, this will give the impression that you are looking at all the people in the hall.
Bring your speech into a readable form, that is, highlight the most important, make the text easy to read (increase the font, line spacing), determine for yourself the intonation with which you will read this or that statement.
Speak without straining your voice, but so that they can hear you. If you have problems with diction, you need to see a specialist, especially if speeches are an integral part of your work.Today there are a huge number of centers in which you can be helped not only to improve diction, but also to cope with fears, learn to read the interlocutor's gestures and much more.
Preparing speech is easy. As Plato said, speech is the same organism, with arms, legs and head, the main thing is that all this should be one.

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