How to buy a used car

Start asking questions by phone already. Ask how many owners changed this one.carhow old he is and what mileage. Year of manufacture, then check, for example, by marking the glasses. Mileage can be calculated by increasing the age of the car by 15-30 thousand (approximate average annual mileage).
Bring a person who is well versed in cars and can give valuable advice. Perform an external inspection. Particular attention is paid to the search for rust on the body: the most common places of corrosion usually become thresholds, arches, trunk. Check the condition of the paintwork and its color - there should be no difference.
Do not be lazy to check the bottom of the car, at the same time inspect the ground under it - are there any smudges. Pay attention to the level of oil and antifreeze, these two components should not be mixed. The first sign that their connection has occurred: the oil begins to bubble, and the antifreeze contains impurities. All this speaks of engine problems.
Open the hood and visually assess the condition of the engine.It must be clean and the inner walls must not contain black deposits. Check the belts, their wear is manifested in the form of whiteness, cracks in the threads of the reinforcement. Try to start the engine, listen to its sound, it should be even and quiet, without knocks and other extraneous sounds.
Look at the color of the exhaust. Black smoke indicates that adjustment is needed, blue light requires serious repair. Sometimes there is white smoke, but it should disappear after the engine warms up. Trycarin move.
If the owner in the ad mentioned the possibility of bargaining, take advantage of this. Offer a cost that is somewhat understated to leave room for maneuver. Point out the identified deficiencies and the approximate cost of eliminating them.
How to buy a used <strong> car </ strong>

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