How to celebrate New Year and Christmas in Prague?

Christmas and New Year are wonderful holidays. And if you want them to give you new emotions, go to the magnificent Prague! But first find out all the features of the celebration.

Prague Christmas

Christmas in Prague is celebrated on the night of December 24-25, as the Czech Republic is considered a Catholic country. And this holiday is a family one, therefore it is customary to meet it in a narrow circle with the closest and dearest.

When celebrate a holiday?

Surprisingly, the celebration of Christmas begins long before the holiday, these are the traditions of the Czech Republic. On December 4, St. Barbara's Day is celebrated here, and a little later (December 6), Mikulas is celebrated - St. Nicholas Day. And in a week or two the anticipation of Christmas covers the whole country.

How do they celebrate Christmas?

How is Christmas celebrated in the Czech Republic? For this holiday preparing for a long time. So, on the day of St. Barbara, many Prague citizens put cherry branches in water. If they sprout for Christmas, then the coming year will be fruitful, and all desires will be fulfilled.The celebration continues on December 6, on this day the patron of the holiday Mikulas and all of his retinue walk around the streets of the Czech capital, dressed in costumes of various saints, devil, and so on. They ask children about their behavior and treat all obedient people with sweets and other sweets.

After a couple of weeks, you can also see the Christmas attributes - posters with images of the nursery and the newborn Jesus, themed figures and other items. Spruces appear at the doors of each house, and few in Prague cut them down; Prague people prefer to buy seedlings or trees growing in pots.

In the two main squares of the capital (Staromestskaya and Vatslavskaya) shops open up and markets and fairs unfold, where you can buy a variety of products, souvenirs, accessories, dishes, toys and much more.

Where to spend the holiday?

Since the holiday is considered a family, then it is better to meet him with his family. So, if you come to the city with your family or soulmate, you can stay in the hotel. But you can also go to one of the restaurants, many will work this night.

Christmas table

Another Prague tradition is associated with the Christmas table.All year long, carp are fattened and raised in artificial ponds, and they must be present at every feast. This fish is baked or fried and is surely eaten at Christmas for a successful year. You can not throw out the bones, but bury them in the yard, so you will ensure your well-being for the near future.

Also on the table you can see a variety of meat products, roasted chestnuts. Traditional drinks are champagne, warming mulled wine, grog and punch.

Prague New Year

If Christmas is considered a family holiday, then the New Year, which is here called Sylvester, is fun, defiantly, as a rule, outside the home.

As in most countries of the world, in Prague the New Year is celebrated on the night from December 31 to January 1. Moreover, the events are held not only on the night of the last day of the outgoing year, but also on the following day.

Where is the best to mention?

New Year's holidays - it's time for fun, and it focuses on the street. Many locals and tourists leave their homes and hotels and arrange mass celebrations with fireworks and the traditional drink of champagne. Everyone is happy, congratulate each other and joke.

In the past few years, Prague residents themselves prefer to move away from the urban holiday rush and tourist influx and go to the mountains,rent houses and celebrate the beginning of the year in a fun company. Probably, this trend will continue in 2017 and in 2018.

If you, unlike the locals, want to be in the very epicenter of the fun, then go to crowded places, they definitely have something to see. For example, you can come to the main square of the capital of the Czech Republic - Old Town. It's always noisy, fun, crowded and interesting.

If the noisy crowd is not for you, then you can visit another more quiet and peaceful place - Wenceslas Square, it also hosts various festive events. And if you are a romantic, then by all means make a wish on the Charles Bridge, waiting for the chiming clock. Well, and, of course, at your service numerous cafes, bars, restaurants, beer shops and other similar institutions.

Advice: if the weather is good, then any self-respecting tourist should visit other sights of Prague, for example, such as Stare Mesto, Zlata lane, Vysehrad, the Jewish quarter, St. Vitus Cathedral and others. And if you have a few free days, you can go to Kutna Hora or Karlovy Vary.

How to celebrate?

According to legend, on this day Saint Sylvester destroyed the monster. And so that he is not revived again, noisy festivities are arranged, which should scare away evil forces. Everybody is having fun, shouting, laughing, congratulating each other, lighting Bengal lights and enjoying.

In the battle of the chiming clock, many gather around the town hall with the chimes on the Old Town Square, start counting, make wishes and drink champagne. Then the fun continues.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of celebrating New Year and Christmas in Prague:

  • You will definitely find something to do. Throughout the New Year's Eve, a variety of places will work: from souvenir shops, to restaurants, bars, cafes and stalls with street food. In addition, numerous events are held in the capital.
  • Pretty good weather. Winter in the Czech Republic is not very cold, as a rule, during the day the temperature is zero, at night it can drop to -5 degrees. Chance of snow.
  • Prague is an incredibly beautiful city with a rich history.
  • Prazhtsy - quite friendly and welcoming people, so maybe you get a few invitations.
  • Celebration - it's time to enjoy traditional Czech cuisine.
  • There is an opportunity to learn and see a lot of new things, including making acquaintances.
  • You will get unforgettable new emotions and bring some amazing photos from the trip.


  • Weather can be attributed to the minuses, if it presents an unpleasant surprise, and there are several reasons for this. First, with temperature drops, slush and ice are possible. Secondly, the famine is hilly, and if you find yourself on a hill, you will feel a rather strong and cold wind. Third, it is unpleasant and damp can be near the river. But if you foresee everything in advance and dress warmly, then nothing will spoil your mood.
  • If you decide to celebrate the New Year in the restaurant, then take care of the reservation table, especially if the institution is located in the center. Otherwise, all places may be occupied.
  • Prices in Prague are quite high, especially on holidays. And this applies to hotels, restaurants, and all sorts of purchases. And in order not to feel slighted, it is better to have a significant amount.
  • There may be problems with transport, since the public, as a rule, works up to two hours. Although special buses may ply on New Year's Eve, there will most likely be few of them, and the journey is not cheap. So it is better not to move away from your hotel.
  • Although Prague is a relatively quiet city, during the holiday rush, pickpockets are operating there, so watch your wallets, documents, and valuable items carefully.

Great holidays to you!

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